AmScope 40x-1000x Advanced Home Student Biological Compound Microscope with Sturdy Metal Framework and All Optical Glass Lenses

With Digital Imager

Parents are often looking for a student microscope that provides sturdiness and precise craftsmanship as an investment in their child's education.  The AmScope 40-1000x Advanced Home Student Biological Compound Microscope and digital imager with sturdy metal framework is full featured and of school/lab grade quality.   

**  This is not a toy.  MicroscopeMaster will not review plastic toy microscopes as presenting you with the option of paying the extra $100.00 for a real, well made instrument is a much better value to you and therefore, a better use of our time. 

This AmScope student microscope is a mechanically perfect microscope, comes well-packaged, with glass optics which are included in separate protective vials and are easy to install.  Bright illumination of specimens - pond life, blood smears and prepared histology slides appear clear - correctly magnified, good resolution.  

Product Features

  • Four Magnification Settings 40X-100X-400X-1000X 
  • Rotatable Monocular Head to 360 degrees with 45 degree inclination 
  • Quality Glass Optics 
  • All Metal Solid Framework as well as the Mechanical Parts 
  • Separate Coarse and Fine Focus knobs - smooth and easy 
  • Abbe Condenser with Disc Diaphragm 
  • LED illumination by wall-power and/or batteries
  • 5MP USB 2.0 digital camera for photos and videos on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and Mac OSX (with 3rd-party software support)
  • User-friendly software (Windows only) offers processing and advanced features including Stitching, EDF, Video Recording and Measurement functions 
  • 5 Year Warranty which Includes Parts and Labor against Manufacturing Defects 
  • Microscope Dimensions: 18 x 7 x 12 inches  
  • Weight: 8 pounds

  • Noted Shortcomings

    Does not have moveable stage 

    Storage case not included 

    MicroscopeMaster Recommendations

    In conjunction with your AmScope 40-1000x Advanced Home Student Biological Compound Microscope, it's best to immediately purchase glass slides and covers, cleaning wipes and a slide case as these are not included and are necessary.   

    A prepared slides set is also a nice addition especially in a homeschooling setting.  

    To achieve 2000x magnification you need to purchase the 20x ocular. It is always a good option especially for the serious budding microscopist.  

    Another bonus is the digital capture. This can also be a consideration to upgrade for later to better catalogue their findings to a computer. 

    Book recommendation:  The World of the Microscope by Chris Oxlade and our very own book available for Kindle and soon to be hard copy.

    Check out MicroscopeMaster’s online help:

    Basics of a Compound Microscope

    Diagram/Parts/Functions of a Compound Microscope

    Beginner Microscope Experiments

    Microscope Slides Preparations-Styles and Techniques

    Prepared Microscope Slides - Benefits and Recommendations

    MicroscopeMaster expected a nice, well made microscope from AmScope and the AmScope 40-1000x Home Student Widefield Biological Compound Microscope is no exception.  AmScope continues to pleasantly surprise us because at this price, you and your student certainly win!

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