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  1. Molecular Biology of the Cell - 5th Edition Features and Reader Feedback

    Jan 29, 15 10:14 AM

    The 5th edition of Molecular Biology of the Cell was released in 2007 and is the preeminent textbook for undergraduate, graduate, and researchers working in this field. Read a review here!

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  2. Levenhuk Microscopes - Quality at the Right Price

    Feb 16, 14 11:26 AM

    Levenhuk Microscopes are becoming increasingly popular and expanding to the US Market. MicroscopeMaster features them here!

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  3. Mechanical Stage of a Microscope - Importance, Components and Effective Use

    Oct 13, 13 02:46 PM

    A mechanical stage of a microscope refers to the mechanism that has been mounted on the stage for precise movement of the specimen on the microscope slide through the field of view.

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