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Udemy Introductory Biology Course

Take a look at the course "Introductory Biology"

Are you searching for a basic understanding of an introductory level biology course?  Udemy offers several courses and a popular one that has MicroscopeMaster’s approval is the course created by Thomas Amann. Professor Amann is a U.S. certified secondary teacher of biology and chemistry for several years. 


This course includes lectures in:  


  • Biology Basics
  • Building Cells
  • Cellular Basics
  • Cell Reproduction
  • DNA and the “Central Dogma of Biology”


An introductory course in biology can fulfil your needs at a slow or faster pace with the help of video lectures, lecture notes and section quizzes. This featured course covers high school level or introductory college level biology providing any extra help needed for exam preparation.

Become a Microbiology Laboratory Technician

Take a look at "Become a Microbiology Laboratory Technician" Course

Microbiology provides the required skills and techniques to help diagnose diseases. Identifying the root cause of diseases through analyzing various microorganisms in a lab is invaluable.  This course provides the resources and training to help you become a Microbiology Lab Technician. Megha Kapoor is a lab technician and instructor with over 10 years of experience teaching internationally and provides a comprehensive course.


This course includes:

  • Introduction
  • What is Microbiology?
  • What does a Microbiology Laboratory look like?
  • Disease Diagnosis
  • Career Opportunities in Microbiology
  • Glossary of Medical Terms and Acronyms
  • Quiz

Biology Foundation Course - Become Master in Basics

Check out the Biology Foundation Course - Become Master in Basics

A course that includes basic fundamental concepts of biology suitable for students to excel in the IGSCSE, GSCE O level and equivalent educational levels. This course is a MicroscopeMaster pick because it enhances scientific literacy among all age groups of students.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to course
  • Characteristics and classification of living organisms
  • All about animal and plant cells
  • The human digestive system and enzymes
  • Homeostatis and the excretory system
  • Test for Nutrients (alternative to practical paper)
  • Plants nutrition and transport
  • Reproduction in humans
  • The circulatory system 

Basics of Medical Microbiology Course

Worth checking out: The Basics of Medical Microbiology course

Here is an introductory microbiology course that is designed to benefit undergraduates and college level students.  It covers a broad range of topics with not only the study of bacteria, viruses etc. but also staining techniques as well as microbial growth and nutrition. This is a fascinating course especially as it relates to medicine. Dr Sunita Seemanapalli, offers her expertise based on her more than 10 years of experience in biomedical research and knowledge from her medical degree granted her from the Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil.


Take a look at more details.  Highly recommended.  


Course includes:


The History of Microbiology

Characteristics of Cells and Viruses


Staining Techniques

Classification of Microorganisms

Microbial Growth and Nutrition

Conclusion of the Course

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