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Are you wanting to find the best microscope to suit your needs or simply learn more about microscopy?

Details in specimens that can be magnified today certainly reveal an exciting depth to our world.

At whichever level you may be at, a student or professional, beginner to advanced, broadening your knowledge will add to your discovery of this fascinating field. best microscope

Here you’ll find lots of easy to follow free information about compound, stereo, digital and various other types of scopes. Articles on uses, benefits and disadvantages of each type will better equip you in your decision process.

Take an indepth look at models from the major manufacturers like Nikon, Zeiss, Olympus and Leica as well as study the invaluable microscopy techniques and applications of today.

There are a wide variety of imaging techniques used in biological research, from the more basic to advanced, each with their pros and cons. MicroscopeMaster expands upon them - brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, fluorescence and more, to help you correctly determine which module is best to use in conjunction with your microscope.

Importantly, a section focusing on student/kids microscopes is quickly developing. There are several sturdy models available that are perfect for your budding scientist as well as for your college student.

It's also exciting to delve outside of the "optical" norm and into the world of nanoscience and technology through the study of electron and scanning probe microscopy.

Nanotechnology is making serious strides and some developments concern scientists but this field is expanding rapidly and so at the same time as being concerned, scientists are equally as fascinated. A section on nanotechnology is offered for your reading.

Current information, reviews and comparisons can help you find a good quality microscope in your price range, therefore depending on your needs, it may not be necessary to purchase the most advanced and so keep within your budget.

Visit the MicroscopeMaster Market to view recommendations of all types and brands of microscopes at affordable prices which were carefully chosen by MicroscopeMaster in association with Be sure to complete your purchase with slides, kits and books for the novice and more microscopes image

Alternatively, by clicking on a specific type or brand of microscope, as featured in the left-hand navigation bar, allows you to read about MicroscopeMaster's specific product reviews and information accomplished to date.

Don't spend exhaustive amounts of time in the research process. Better understand and increasingly enjoy this growing field of study by letting MicroscopeMaster help you to make the right choice!

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Current Microscopy News
Current Microscopy News and research is proving to be a source of excitement in labs, institutions and the World Wide Web!
Cell Theory and Microscopes: An Introduction to Microscopy
With applications in almost every area of science, cell theory provides a foundation for understanding the structure and function of cells, organs and diseases.
Microscopy Imaging Techniques
A variety of microscopy imaging techniques are employed by scientists and researchers to improve their ability to view the microscopic world. Follow our links to explore these varied techniques.
Microscopy Applications
Microscopy applications encompass use in a variety of fields. Life Sciences are a priority with respect to Medicine and Pathology but staying abreast of Nanotechnology is also vitally important.
Different Types of Microscopes - Exploring the top four and others
A brief overview of the different types of microscopes available today.
The Compound Light Microscope - Optics, Magnification and Uses
How does a compound light microscope work?Helping you to understand its abilities as well as the benefits of using or owning one.
The Stereo Microscope - Dissecting the world around you!
A helpful look at the stereo microscope in more detail to show the several options available to the microscopist and consumer.
The Digital Microscope - Optics and CCD Technology in one Scope!
The digital microscope is an advancement in technology allowing every discipline using microscopy to see images in an exciting and vital way.
USB Computer Microscope - Link the microscopic world to your PC
Take a look at the simple USB computer microscope, a great device that offers flexibility and enjoyment.
The Digital Microscope Camera - Technology Improves Image Clarity and More!
The digital microscope camera was invented to provide sharp, clear images that can be sent to computers and has become a popular research and teaching instrument.
Pocket Microscope - Reviewing these small but powerful magnifiers
A pocket microscope is small, durable and portable so that children, students and scientists can examine objects outdoors and indoors in great detail.
Best Kids Microscopes - To buy for your Intrigued Student and Budding Scientist!
Kids microscopes can help to encourage children to be interested in science, and the environment they live in. When deciding what microscope to purchase there are several things to consider.
Antique Microscope - Finding True Value in Vintage Microscopes
An antique microscope ages elegantly. A bridge to an age when craftsmanship was as important as functionality. A vintage microscope is a work of art as well as of science.
The Electron Microscope, What is it? Advantages and Disadvantages
The Electron Microscope (EM) is an impressively powerful microscope available today, allowing researchers to view a specimen at nanometer size. Check out how research is taken to new depths!
The Scanning Probe Microscope - Advantages and Disadvantages in Microscopy
The scanning probe microscope gives researchers imaging tools for the future as these specialized microscopes provide high image magnification for observation of three-dimensional-shaped specimens.
Nikon Microscope Reviews - Finding the Best Model to Suit your Needs
Nikon Microscope reviews provide a comprehensive overview of what this company has to offer in biological, stereo and digital microscope technology to date.
Olympus Microscope Reviews - Upright, Stereo & More from Past and Present
In your research for the perfect microscope, comprehensive olympus microscope reviews offer the necessary research and model comparisons to be sure you are making the right choice!
Zeiss Microscope Reviews - Upright Models, Stereo
Zeiss microscope reviews bring to mind the key to Zeiss' success - scalability. Zeiss' upgrades and reconfigurations can meet your research needs.
Leica Microscopes Reviewed- Pros and Cons, Models Types Available
Leica microscopes deliver a product that is competitively priced and of high quality. When buying a microscope, analysis and microscopic imaging are essential for numerous applications.
Levenhuk Microscopes - Quality at the Right Price
Levenhuk Microscopes are becoming increasingly popular and expanding to the US Market. MicroscopeMaster features them here!
Microscopy Images
Browse through our virtual store at fascinating microscopy images viewed from light microscopy, transmission electron microscopy and scanning electron microscopy.
Microscope Slides Preparation - Styles and Techniques
Microscope slides are made of glass or plastic, approximately 1x3 inches and between 1mm-1.2 mm thick. Multiple methods of preparation allow for advanced viewing of inorganic and organic objects.
History of the Microscope - Who invented the Microscope?
Helping to understand the history of the microscope and its invention from its first beginnings to the modern advances in microscopy with todays modern microscopes.
Nanotechnology - Exploring Concepts, Possible Dangers and Its Affect on Medicine
The field of nanotechnology relates to the study and micromanipulation of nanostructure properties. This technology is on the verge of many innovative advances, which excites and concerns scientists.
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