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Are you wanting to find the best compound or stereo microscope to suit your needs or simply learn more about microscopy? Cheap microscopes without sacrificing quality are available and featured here.

Details in specimens that can be magnified today certainly reveal an exciting depth to our world.

At whichever level you may be at, a student or professional, beginner to advanced, broadening your knowledge will add to your discovery of this fascinating field.

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Free Information about Compound, Stereo, Digital Microscopes and More!

Here you’ll find lots of easy to follow free information about compound, stereo, digital and various other types of scopes. Articles on uses, benefits and disadvantages of each type will better equip you in your decision process.

Read about various models of microscopes and accessories from different popular manufacturers. By clicking on a specific type or brand of microscope, as featured in the left-hand navigation bar, allows you to read about MicroscopeMaster's specific product reviews and information accomplished to date. Also be sure to study the invaluable microscopy techniques and applications of today.

There are a wide variety of imaging techniques used in biological research as well as by the hobbyist or student, from the more basic to advanced, each with their pros and cons. MicroscopeMaster expands upon them - brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, fluorescence and more, to help you correctly determine which module is best to use in conjunction with your microscope.

MicroscopeMaster loves to contribute to the education of children at every grade level.  Importantly, a section focusing on student/kids microscopes is quickly developing. There are several sturdy models (Omax, Amscope, Celestron and Levenhuk etc.) available that are perfect for your budding scientist as well as for your college student. 

Current information, reviews and comparisons can help you find a good quality microscope in your price range, therefore depending on your needs, it may not be necessary to purchase the most advanced and so keep within your budget.

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Don't spend exhaustive amounts of time in the research process. Better understand and increasingly enjoy this growing field of study by letting MicroscopeMaster help you to make the right choice!

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    Jun 22, 17 01:51 PM

    Amscope T490A-PCT Compound Trinocular Microscope with Phase-Contrast Turret has three microscopy techniques, high magnification as well as advanced optics.

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  2. Super-Resolution Microscopy - True and Functional Techniques and Technology

    Jun 21, 17 02:21 PM

    Super-resolution microscopy (SRM) refers to any optical technique that is used for the purposes of resolving structures beyond the diffraction-limited resolution of conventional light microscopes.

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  3. Time-Lapse Microscopy - Technique and Significance, Looking at Cell Migration

    Jun 19, 17 01:04 PM

    Time-lapse microscopy is a manipulation of time where real life events that may have taken minutes or hours get to be observed to completion within a matter of seconds.

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