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Moticam BTU10 Digital Microscope Camera with 10 inch Tablet 

- (Standalone and Windows 7,8,10, Mac OSX compatible) -

The Moticam BTU10 Digital Microscope Camera is a tablet microscopy solution composed of a customized 10 inch Android tablet that is connected to a microscope imaging camera. The tablet can be easily detached from the microscope and replaced. This allows maximum flexibility given that the user can choose to either replace the tablet or use the microscope without the tablet altogether. 

Impressive Technology

With Motic's tablet camera, users will have an easier time viewing samples in a touch screen format that is very easy to use. Here, the camera will allow for swift image processing and capture according to the specifications of the user.

The BTU10 also proves to be an impressive piece of technology in microscopy with built-in DDR3 memory and allows for WIFI, Bluetooth 3.1, a mini HDMI output as well as a built in speaker and a micro SD card slot. These are great features that will provide the user with a lot of options while using the microscope. 

While the built in memory allows the user to save images and/or videos while viewing, the WIFI (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth 3.1 that comes with the Moticam BTU10 will allow the user to easily share out the images/videos without needing to connect to a PC.

On the other hand, in the event that one needs to connect to a PC or an even bigger screen, such as a TV screen, a mini HDMI output can be used.

Moticonnect App

It also comes with a Moticonnect App that allows for a number of functions including capture, edit and sharing of the microscope images. It also allows the user to work effortlessly on fast and light mode due to its great response time.

With great response time, the camera also allows for sharp images and thus high quality of both the images and video, which is a great strength on the part of the device. Some of the other features of this product include;

  • MIP 3.0 software
  • Built-in Li- ion battery

  • Motic 4- dot calibration slide

The Moticam BTU10 is also compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 as well as MAC OSX, and can therefore be used with a majority of computers. While the tablet can be easily detached from the microscope, it can also be interfaced on to a majority of the existing microscopes, which makes it convenient for a majority of users who would wish to install it on to their microscopes.

While a 10 inch tablet screen may not be as big as a PC monitor or a TV screen, the fact that the RTU10 digital microscope camera with a tablet can be directly connected to the microscope means more flexibility and ease of use for the user, which is a great strength of the device.

With the Moticam BTU10, MoticConnect App and MIP 3.0 software, users have the opportunity to not only view the specimen on to the tablet screen directly, but also easily measure, edit and take notes directly on the screen. With the App, the user can also easily share out the images/videos with others (students etc) through Bluetooth or even email directly from the microscope. The technology therefore makes sharing easier and much more convenient for both the user and others.

One of the shortcomings is that the Moticam BTU10 will require additional C-mount adapter in order to mount it on to a trinocular. However this is not a big problem given that it can be bought alongside the Moticam BTU10 and easily installed for use.


The Moticam BTU10 digital microscope camera with the 10 inch tablet is definitely an excellent device that will ensure more flexibility during microscopy for both students and professionals.

The fact that it can be mounted directly on to a microscope allows the user more convenience allowing for increased portability and mobility as compared to connecting the microscope to a PC. In this case therefore, the entire set can be easily carried to the field, where the user can still view the specimen on the screen, edit, take notes and share from his or her location. 

In our opinion, it is worth the price tag.

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