Radical Highly Precise Toolmakers Angle & Linear Industrial Measuring Microscope

Digital Micrometer 1um 0-25mm. mm-inch


The Radical Highly Precise Toolmakers Angle & Linear Industrial Measuring Microscope has been designed and engineered for those who require high precision and accuracy in the measurement of various parts (electronic, machine parts, tools and automotive components etc).

As such, it allows for excellent precise measurements of angles, lengths, point to point distances as well as diameters. This made possible by a number of features of this device which include a digital micrometer with 1 micron Least Count among others.

*There is also the LED option.

Radical Toolmakers Measuring Microscope Features

The Radical Highly Precise Toolmakers Angle & Linear Industrial Measuring Microscope is composed of a number of important features including:

  • 2x objectives
  • Cross 15 x eyepieces
  • Incident and transmitted tungsten light
  • Goniometric head
  • Rotary stage
  • Micrometers


With 2x objective and 15x eyepiece, This toolmakers microscope offers a total magnification of 30x. This is effectively used to measure metal or plastic electronic parts and other parts of various tools. Apart from the magnification, the device has been designed to allow for a 70mm working distance, which allows for a range of parts/tool parts to be observed or measured.

For all the optical components of this microscope, the manufacturers has included anti-fungus, anti- reflection and hard coating to not only protect these components, but also ensure long life of the device. The presence of a cross 15x eyepiece makes calibration easer given that the component makes it easier for the user to have specific points in focus so as to take the measurements.

With regards to lighting, this microscope uses both incident and transmitted tungsten light. Having the two sources of illumination is of great significance particularly for this device given that it enhances visibility and contrast, which allows for more accurate measurements and observations to be made.

The Radical Highly Precise Toolmakers Angle & Linear Industrial Measuring Microscope also has in place a goniometric head with 360 degree division. This is an important component of the tool maker's microscope, which allows for measurements to be taken as rotation takes place to a given angular position.

The rotary stage of this particular device is 115m in diameter and moves on linear bearings. 150x150mm with 50x50 movement of the stage allows for the object under observation to be smoothly moved while taking the measurements readings or simple for observation of the object.

It also comes with a digital micrometer, which makes it easier to take some of the readings for measurement.


With a digital micrometer, 6 min LC and anti fungus, anti-reflection and hard coating on all the optical components among other features, the Radical Highly Precise Toolmakers Angle & Linear Industrial Measuring Microscope has been designed to meet the needs of various tool manufacturer, auto component manufacturers and quality control among other uses.

Through these features, this toolmakers microscope not only enhances the ease of use, but also makes it convenient to use the device for observation and measurements. With the two sets of lighting present, the Radical Toolmakers Measuring Microscope enhances accuracy and precision in all types of measurements (linear, angular etc) thereby making it convenient for the user.

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