OMAX 40X-2000X Digital Lab Trinocular Compound LED Microscope

** with 5MP Digital Camera and Double Layer Mechanical Stage **

The Omax digital trinocular LED microscope with 5MP Digital Camera and Double Layer Mechanical Stage is a compound microscope that comes with a digital system. The trinocular sliding head of this is inclined at a 45 degree angle with 360 swiveling. As such, it can be turned around at a 360 degree angle, which gives the user the ability to view the specimen from whichever point they stand.

With an adjustable interpupillary distance (55mm to 75mm) the Omax trinocular compound microscope has been designed to meet individual needs of the user. As such, it can easily be used by both younger students and professionals.

The microscope also has in place a rack and pinion adjustment for control. While focus is achieved through the use of both the coaxial course and the fine focus knobs present on the microscope, this is achieved through he means of a rack and pinion assembly which allows for good movement of the two.

For a majority of quality microscopes, the rack and pinion are the most durable type. In addition to a NA 1.25 Abbe condenser, the microscope also comes with a variable intensity LED transmitted illumination system that allows the user to adjust the amount of light as desired.

The phase contract kit includes a phase contrast NA1.25 condenser with four positions; darkfield (df) brightfield (bf), Ph10/20 as well as a Ph40, where each phase contrast condenser can be centered individually (centering telescope).

With a darkfield condenser, it is also easy to switch a brightfield microscope to a darkfield microscope when need be.

More on the Phase Contrast technique and others here.

The OMAX digital LED trinocular microscope also offers six levels of magnification power (40X-100X-250X-400X-1000X-2000X) in addition to the wide field eyepieces (WF10X and WF25X) for great visual enhancement. the double layer mechanical stage allows for smooth movement of the stage as the slide remains in focus.

This makes the viewing experience a pleasant one as the user tries to find the point of interest.

Digital Camera

The USB digital imaging system will allow the user to capture microscope images and videos on to the computer, where the 0.45X reduction lens provides a larger field of view for better viewing.

The software used in this system is compatible with windows XP, VISTA, and Windows 7, 8 and 10, which basically means that it can be used with any computer including a Mac OS and Linux operating system.

As such, the system can also be used for measuring lengths, angles, areas as well as editing the images of the specimen under observation. This makes the Omax digital LED trinocular microscope ideal for teaching demonstration, laboratory use as well as other advanced applications.

Read more about Digital Cameras here.

Benefits of a Trinocular Microscope

While a trinocular microscope has two eyepieces like a binocular microscope, it has a third eyetube that is connected to a microscope camera.

This has a big advantage in that it allows a second viewer to access the specimen at the same time as the one observing through the binocular eyepiece. This is beneficial particularly in the event that a specific aspect of interest is being sought in the specimen.

The other benefit of the trinocular microscope is that it allows for the preservation of the images being viewed by either recording or projecting them for sharing purposes through video chat or other means.


This Omax digital trinocular LED microscope with 5MP Digital Camera and Double Layer Mechanical Stage is ideal for college students, home enthusiasts and professionals in that it can meet a wide range of applications. Unlike a number of other microscopes, the camera is not in- built, and can therefore be easily upgraded if need be.

While a darkfield condenser can be used with this set, it is important to note that it is not included in the package, and can therefore purchased separately. One the little flaw that has been detected with this microscope is that the fine tune is a little sensitive, which may require some getting used to. Regardless, it is a good quality microscope that is worth the price tag.

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