The Pocket Microscope Buyer's Guide

Miniature but Powerful Magnifiers

By using a pocket microscope, children, students and scientists can examine objects outdoors and indoors in great detail.

Small, durable and portable, some of these microscopes are as small as an ink pen, yet provide detailed up close images of objects and larger single celled organisms.

Many of these hand-held microscopes do not require batteries and will operate using natural light while producing high definition of images without blurred edges.

Portable Microscopes

The ability to view an object up close, regardless of where you may be, is why pocket microscopes were developed.

Unlike standard microscopes that require a solid base to sit on, portable microscopes can be held in the hand, moved over a large object and carried in a pocket.

Portable microscopes and pen-sized microscopes that can have 25x to 100x magnification also use batteries and have an LED light. While some of these microscopes also have an adjustable focus.

Portable-sized microscopes come in many shapes and sizes from egg shaped models to rectangular and some that have a handle for stability at any viewing angle.

Many have computer capabilities, using a USB cord that provides the ability to view parts of a larger object, too big to be placed on a microscope slide, by sending the images to a computer.

Portable digital microscopes are capable of storing images for later downloading into a computer, providing versatility in a small and powerful microscope.


Many miniature microscopes can easily be used anywhere, including the classroom, and some provide rubberized eyepieces for comfort and safety especially when being used by young children.

Most of these types of microscopes contain no moving parts and are the perfect way to introduce children to the hidden world around them.

Applications include use by emergency medical technicians, trauma and emergency room practitioners, field study by scientists and hobbyists.

Manufacturing companies find portable microscopes invaluable for finding imperfections in electrical components, metals, optics, glassware and structural defects on machinery.


Pocket microscopes may be compact in size but their imaging power is far from small.

With focal powers equal to, and in some cases surpassing, traditional microscopes, some of these portable microscopes weigh only a few ounces, yet some provide 100x image magnification.

Pen-sized microscopes operate using natural light, and with button or regular batteries. High focal miniature optics used in manufacturing can be powered by electricity and are the size of a traditional eyepiece lens.

Some smaller hand-held microscopes with computer software allow images to be sent directly to a printer or computer for analysis, or by electronic transfer from a remote location to a laboratory or classroom.


Miniature microscopes are made by many of the companies that manufacture traditional microscopes.

Optical companies, recognized for other types of optical devices including telescopes, spotting scopes and binoculars, have such microscopes in their product lines.

  • Olympus and Nikon both offer small, portable microscopes
  • American Optics, Sper Scientific, Electron Microscopy Sciences, and ElectroOptics all offer pen-sized microscopes for both student and professional use.
  • Home Training Tools, Scientific Online, PEAK Optics and Carson all offer handheld and stand-alone portable microscopes with 25x to 100x magnification.

Celestron once carried a line of pocket microscopes but has since discontinued their manufacture. Unless you are searching for a bigger but still very portable microscope like the Celestron 44302 handheld digital microscope. Always a good choice.

The Carson MicroMax pocket microscope may be one to add to your wish list as it offers 60X to 100X magnification and users are happy with image quality and its durability.

The SE MW10087L Mini Brass Microscope with Illuminator is a tiny and handy device for a very, very low price. It is a perfect pocket sized magnifier that fits the bill nicely. 

KINGMAS 60X Mini Microscope - A great price tag and very popular

Exploring Digital Options

ViTiny Pro10 Plus Portable Digital Microscope - a valiant contender in the camera, video and microscope market with these invaluable features wrapped up in one handy portable and digital device. 

Carson Zorb Digital Microscope - a tiny treasure worth a second look. An unusually shaped digital imaging microscope with excellent portability and capability.

Opti-Tekscope Digital USB Microscope Camera is an excellent and simple microscope pen that has been specifically designed to allow users to view clear, fine details of their samples of interest.

Pocket microscopes may be small, portable and lightweight, but their imaging capabilities are far from tiny.

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