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Best Beginner Microscope Experiments of 2018

- For Hobbyists and Kids -

Curiosity accelerates our learning whether you are a young child, student or microscopy hobbyist.  There are a number of reasons as to why curiosity among children, in particular, should be encouraged.

By encouraging their curiosity, children will continue to learn especially in those areas of interest, but also develop an interest in a wide variety of fields of study, greatly adding to what they grasp in school. 

With the help of the parent, the child will gradually assimilate knowledge and understand their environment, from a spider web to their own bodies; how they are made, their functions and with the help of a microscope view the smallest of details.

For instance, having seen the fine structure of how a spider web is made using a microscope, a child can go on to look at and learn about its appearance in its entirety. This would significantly contribute to their understanding of how it functions.

There are many microscope experiments for hobbyists, students and kids that are cheap, easy and fun providing endless microscopy opportunity. Whether at home or in class, the use of microscopes create a fun learning atmosphere by eliminating the classroom monotony sometimes associated with the theoretical part of learning.

For many, the hands-on approach sparks a greater curiosity.

Before putting your microscope to good use with beginner microscope experiments, the microscopy enthusiast should dive into proper techniques.  

Here on MicroscopeMaster, hobbyists, students, kids as well as parents and teachers, will learn about a number of fun and easy experiments. 

Beforehand, it is interesting and worthwhile to learn about the following:

Try These Beginner Microscope Experiments:

Check out Petri Dish with Agar - Preparation, Requirements and Procedure

Enjoy your beginner microscope experiments and be sure to let MicroscopeMaster know about what you have discovered!

More Advanced Experiments:

Blood Smear

Parasites under the Microscope

Trichomes and Microscopy

Bone Tissue under the Microscope

Bacteria under the Microscope

Learning about Coliforms

Of Interest:

For the Electron Microscope:

Viruses under the Microscope

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