AmScope 50X-1000X Inverted Metallurgical Microscope + 10MP Camera  

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The Amscope 50X-1000X Inverted Metallurgical Microscope is trinocular microscope with a camera attachment that allows the user to view the sample on a monitor. The microscope comes with a large mechanical stage, four plan achromatic objectives as well as a 10MP digital camera and has been designed to produce high quality images.

Amscope Metallurgical Features

Some of the most important features of the Amscope 50x-1000x Inverted Metallurgical Microscope include:

  • 5W LED illumination
  • Six plan optical magnification powers
  • Plan widefield eyepiece


Microscope Head


The Amscope Inverted Metallurgical comes with a trinocular siedentopf head inclined at 45 degrees. While the microscope head is fixed and cannot be rotated, the siedentopf head presents a significant advantage to the user in that focus does not change even when the users change the interpupillary distance.

Here, absolute parfocality is retained because the eyepiece tubes do not change in length when the user adjusts the interpupillary distance. This becomes particularly important when many students are using the microscope simply because the teacher/technician can set the microscope at the ideal focus allowing all students to view the sample clearly even if they change the interpupillary distance.

The siedentopf head has also been set at a 45 degree angle, which offers the user comfort when using the microscope. When seated and viewing the sample, the user does not have to strain.

In addition to the inclined siedentopf binocular, the microscope also has in place an extra tube for camera attachment presenting a great advantage for the user given that they do not have to remove one of the binocular eyepieces to attach the camera. This also makes it easier for the user to change the camera when they feel the need to.

Inverted Microscope


As an inverted microscope, the Amscope Metallurgical is different from the conventional microscope in that it appears to be upside down. Here, the objectives and the microscope turret are positioned below the stage pointing upwards. This is different from the other conventional microscopes on which the objectives are located above the stage pointing downwards towards the stage.

Typically, the sample is illuminated from above which presents a big advantage with regards to working distance. However, with the AmScope Inverted Metallurgical Microscope, a strong 3w LED illumination which is compatible with a wide band power supply serves as the light source for the camera.  

Light from the 3W LED source passes through the stage opening to reach the sample. From here, light is reflected off the sample and back to the objectives before reaching the eyepiece.


Because the optics are located below the stage, the image is not illuminated from above as is the case with a number of other inverted microscopes. With the Amscope Inverted Metallurgical Microscope this is a great advantage for the users given that it eliminates the limitations of height and size.

For microscopes where the sample is illuminated from above, they can only accommodate samples of given sizes and weight. However, with the Amscope Inverted Metallurgical Microscope, the user is free to place larger and heavier samples on the stage above the objectives.

The microscope offers greater freedom to view larger samples as well as samples that vary in size and shape. On the other hand, particularly when capturing still images of the sample, the microscope allows user to capture still images of many samples within a short period of time. This becomes easier with the Amscope Metallurgical because the user simply places one sample after another while capturing still images that can then be studied later.

Optics and Illumination


The Amscope 50x-1000x Inverted Metallurgical Microscope comes with four plan achromatic objectives positioned under the stage as well as two pairs of plan widefield eyepieces.

The plan achromatic objectives correct distortions in addition to providing increased field depth and a larger working distance. As such, they help produce sharp, clear images that make it easier to study fine details of the sample.

In combination with the widefield eyepieces, the objectives offer six levels of magnification from 50x to 1000x  (50X, 100X, 200X, 4000X, 500X and 1000X) This makes the microscope a versatile tool given that it can be used to view and study a wide range of objects from metals to silicon.

Depending on the type of sample, the user simply sets the appropriate objective under the stage with the freedom to adjust the light to clearly view the sample.

A Strong 3W LED is used to illuminate the sample. LED illumination presents a number of advantages including:


  • Clear white light - LED illumination produces a crisp clear light across the field of view. As such, it can be used without filters that are often required in microscopy when using a halogen light source. LED illumination produces very little heat, which means that it does not affect the object.
  • Comfort - Unlike halogen, LED illumination does not cause strain to the eye, which makes it more comfortable to use.
  • Longevity - LED bulbs consume very little power and last longer. 

Some of the other features of the Amscope Inverted Metallurgical Microscope include:


  • A large mechanical stage
  • Focusing tension control mechanism
  • Full optical glass elements
  • Diopters
  • Dual side focusing controls



The microscope also comes with a 10MP camera that allow the microscope to capture high quality still images and live videos. It also comes with a user friendly software that is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac OS X and Linux. The software can be easily installed allowing the user to edit process and measure the sample.

The camera is easily attached to the microscope through a USB cable. Once connected, the user can easily capture images and video in addition to a number of other activities from the PC using the software.

Amscope Inverted Metallurgical Microscope Pros

While it may be challenging for a first time user, the Amscope Inverted Metallurgical Microscope has a number advantages. These include:

  • Sharp, clear images
  • High quality objectives that produce quality images
  • A high quality camera that captures high quality still images and videos
  • A large mechanical stage


The Amscope 50x-1000x Inverted Metallurgical Microscope comes with a number of important features that make it a versatile tool used in metallurgical labs and quality control applications. In addition to being versatile, one of its biggest advantage is that it produces sharp, clear images that make it possible for users to accurately study fine details of a wide variety of objects.

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