Aven 26700-300 ZipScope USB Digital Microscope 

With 2 Mega-Pixel 10x-50x Optical, 200x Digital Magnification

The Aven 26700-300 ZipScope USB Digital Microscope is an easy to use microscope that allows you to view high resolution images and videos on a computer monitor. As such, it can be used for quality control inspection, medical and scientific research as well as in such fields as geology and chemistry among others.

Technical Details

The Aven 26700-300 ZipScope microscope has in place 8 built in LED lights and two light intensity settings. This will allow you to switch to the specific light intensity that will meet your needs with given objects/specimens. The microscope also has in place a snap shot button for capture, a large focus wheel as well as a rubberized anti-slip coating that enhances durability.

The Aven 26700-300 ZipScope also comes with optical magnification of 10X to 50X as well as digital magnification of 200X. This provides a broad range and large working distance, which allows for practical benefits.

Other Important Features

  • Image sensor (1/2" Color CMOS)
  • Frame rate of 30 frames-per-second
  • Shutter speed of 1 sec to 1/1000 sec
  • Automatic white balance to control brightness
  • Manual focus range
  • Automatic exposure
  • Software with image (JPEG and BMP) and video (AVI) capture functions


The Aven 26700-300 ZipScope USB Digital Microscope is easy to set up and use, which is a big advantage for younger users. It comes with a range of features, which makes it a microscope of choice for general use in classrooms and laboratories. For instance, the broad range (10x to 200x) and the large working distance allow for the microscope to be used for a range of specimens with varying sizes and shapes.

This provides practical benefits in the laboratory, classroom as well as for younger users and hobbyists, who wish to observe different types of specimens/objects. On the other hand, the rubberized anti-slip coating has been engineered for both durability as well as to ensure comfort during use.

The microscope also has in place a two-stage intensity control of 8 LEDs. This is of great significance in that it eliminates shadows during lighting, which enhances the viewing experience, allowing for clear images. In addition, the microscope comes with a USB cable that can be easily plugged into any computer for the purposes of saving, processing as well as sharing the images.

Weighing only 0.65 lbs, the Aven 26700-300 ZipScope is very light and can be easily carried to the field. Apart from being a light weight microscope, it is small in size and can be easily separated from the stand, which makes it even easier to carry around.

The metallic stand has a round base, which provides stability during use by keeping the microscope in place. Here, it is also worth noting that the stand has both height and angle adjustments, which will allow the user to modify the height and angles without having to move the object/specimen under observation. It is for this reason that the microscope allows for a large working distance.

Strengths and Limitations



  • The snapshot button conveniently captures clear, true color images
  • It is easy to use, making it a great choice for younger users and beginners
  • It can be connected to any computer using the USB cable





  • The Aven 26700-300 ZipScope is a simple microscope with limited magnification. As such, it does not provide sufficient magnification to view single-cells. 
  • While there have been claims that it can go up to 400X, such settings do not result in clear images.
  • Although the software has an image capture feature, there are limits as to what the user can do with it.
  • The stand may prove cumbersome at some angles


When considering making a purchase, it is worth noting that the Aven 26700-300 ZipScope is not a superior microscope for viewing single cells. If purchased for this reason, it will definitely disappoint. However, it will prove to be a good device for younger users as well as for hobbyists who develop an interest viewing such objects as small insects, leaves and minerals to name a few.

When considering making a purchase therefore, it is important that users have an understanding of its strengths and limitations depending on the intended purpose of use. 

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