Carson Pocket Microscope Review

MicroMax LED 60X - 100X

The Carson pocket microscope is a solution for science on the go. These miniature microscopes make it easy for children and adults to examine items at anytime, anywhere, and these devices can easily be carried around with you to ensure that you always have your microscope handy for any situation.

This is a simple device with an even simpler list of features:

  • LED lighted
  • 3 SG3 batteries required
  • Magnification 60X - 100X

Design and Use

The magnification of the device makes it a perfect choice for both amateur and career field scientists to carry around with them, and the 60x to 100x range of magnification makes it easy to examine everyday objects.

Thanks to the amazing magnification of this simple pocket device, you can get a closer look at bugs, hair, rocks, fabrics, knife and razor edges, and the list goes on.

The design of the device is fairly simple, yet ensures that you can easily use the device comfortably and safely. Thanks to the rubberized eyepiece that blocks out external light from entering the viewfinder, you can easily look at objects from a much closer angle without hurting your delicate eyes.

The LED light also ensures that you have adequate light to examine any object by, regardless of how dark your surroundings may be. Also, the LED light uses little battery power so is long lasting and facilitates the viewing of images through your microscope more clearly.

Pocket Size

The size of the device is perfect for any science enthusiast on the go, and the device can easily fit into a jacket or suit coat pocket. Rather than being a bulky device, the Carson MicroMax can easily be transported to ensure that you are never without your trusted pocket microscope.

The device is also incredibly lightweight, making it easy to carry around with you on any trip. Rather than packing a large microscope for your field trip or hiking trip, you can simply pack the Carson MicroMax in your bag.

Not only will it not add any extra weight to your pack, it is easy to fit into any section of your pack and is easily pulled out and used in an instant.

User feedback

One downside that many people have mentioned about the Carson pocket microscope is the fact that the batteries tend to die fairly quickly. Also, once the batteries are dead, they are fairly costly to replace.

However, one user found a solution to that problem: he simply added hearing aid batteries. These batteries are the same size, and have almost the same voltage. They are also a good deal cheaper.

You can easily purchase a large pack of these batteries to ensure that yours always has battery power.

One aspect of the Carson pocket microscope that received mixed reviews was its focus. Many microscopes have an easy focus system, but several people found that focusing the Carson MicroMax was far easier said than done. However, with time people reported that they got the hang of it and continue to enjoy this little treasure.

Here are a couple of quick tips to ensure that you get the best quality images with this pocket microscope:

  • You have to place the object on the plastic base of the microscope to be able to examine it, and the carson pocket microscope will not focus past the base.

    You can remove the base if you want to look at objects that are too big to place on the base. Clear images can be achieved but realistically the Carson pocket microscope has not been designed to work in this manner.

  • As a field microscope, it cannot be expected to work as a compound light microscope. The carson pocket microscope is certainly not equivalent in features and capability.

    If you wish to try to view an object much like with a traditional microscope, you will need to provide illumination from below the object that you are examining. Although, its magnification will certainly disapoint you if you are trying to view thin, transparent objects using slides.

If you need a field microscope to help you in your own science project, or have a little scientist at home, you will find that the Carson pocket microscope is a great device and may be just what you are looking for.

Not only is it lightweight and small, but it is very reasonably priced as well.

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