Carson Zorb USB Digital Microscope
A Tiny Treasure offering 35X Magnification 

The Carson Zorb USB digital microscope is an example of the growth of customized digital microscopy which has brought fairly smart and stylish designs to us at affordable prices.

Every once in a while a handy appealing gadget comes across our desk and catches our attention. 

Well, the Carson Zorb has made its mark on MicroscopeMasterThis one in the unique shape of an oversized egg with the ability to take snapshots and video.  

Who Benefits?

Certainly a fun buy for curious children and their school projects and overall an excellent purchase for adults alike needing to view minerals, plant samples, coins, currency, stamps, jewelry or your own sweat glandsthe proboscis of an anopheles mosquito or maybe the tiniest fiber of a Borsalino hat. It's also offered at a very good price.  

As a side note, the elderly or anyone with some visual impairment may find the Carson Zorb USB digital microscope the perfect magnifier to aid in their reading of small print projected onto a monitor. 

Teachers have put it to use in their classrooms projecting the images to a screen with effective results. 

Product Features

It offers 35x optical magnification on a 14 inch monitor reaching 640 x 480 resolution within the digital cameraYou are given the choice of color, either blue, green or orange.

  • USB microscope  
  • Bright built-in LED illumination  
  • 35x optical zoom  
  • Default software (compatible with PC and Mac)  
  • 2 Adapters  
  • Weight: 3.6 ounces 

Product Impression

The first obvious impression is that the Carson Zorb digital microscope is very powerful for its small sizeimaging with impressive clarity and looks durable.

It has got a terrific capacity for taking still pictures and you will find little difficulty with the videos either, with close focusThis is an instrument capable of capturing images in the tightest of spaces or at interesting angles 

Steady hands are preferable as this is best used as a one-handed tool requiring point, focus and snap all at once.   

It’s a complete favorite with kids as it is easily handled by tiny hands and helps them explore those small objects in great detail.  A true bonus is that you don't have to worry about them damaging a more expensive microscope  

The Carson Zorb is extremely easy to load on an Mac. You just need to take the bracketed route (digital viewer icon- digital viewer-webcam list). We recommend doing an immediate reboot of your computer after installing the software and read the instructions. 

Several Mac users have had some difficulty and others report no difficulty at all in software compatibility.   

This is a device compatible with Mac and is not complicated to set up.  You will be able to snap multiple images of choice in no time 

The video shown below will certainly help you to finalize your purchase decision of the Carson Zorb USB digital microscope.

With a low price tag, this tiny treasure will allow for flexible and fun digital microscopy at a very nice price.  Perfect for all ages. Now all that's left for you to do is pick your preferred colour.

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