Celestron 5 MP InfiniView LCD Digital Microscope  

- Features, Uses, Pros and Cons -

The Celestron Infiniview LCD digital microscope is one of the most versatile microscopes in the market that has been shown to be particularly ideal for middle school and high school students. With a combination of a zoom microscope and 5MP digital camera, the Celestron Infiniview allows students to observe a wide range of 3D specimens/objects, which may include among others; insects, coins, stamps and leaves in amazing detail.  


The Built-in 5MP digital camera in place will allow the user to capture and save high resolution images of the specimen for future use. In addition to the camera, the Celestron Infiniview also comes with a composite video output through which the viewing can be shared on larger screens for everyone to see.

Using the USB port, the user can also download the image and videos being viewed on to the PC. This is in addition to the microSD slot that allows for images/videos to be saved on to the memory card.

As well as a full color 3.5 inch LCD screen, the microscope also comes with a high quality 5 element IR cut glass lens that allows for sharper images, which is one of its greatest strengths.  Using the shutter trigger at the base, the stage can be easily adjusted when viewing different size subjects, which allows for more clarity of the images.

Although it allows for a small magnification of between 4x and 160x, it is excellent for low-power observation of 3D specimens.

With the adjustable stage, it becomes easier to observe sizes of the specimen under observation. While the LCD screen only allows for the maximum magnification of 160x, magnification also increases to 200x when a computer monitor is used. 

The Celestron Infiniview microscope also comes with a Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, which eliminates the need for external power. As such, it gives the user portability given that the battery can last for about 2 hours. Students can therefore use it in the field observing a wide range of specimens.

Some of the other accessories included are:

  • A quick setup guide
  • Instruction manual on the included software
  • Calibration ruler
  • An AC adapter
  • A TV/AV cable


  • It is light weight and portable, making ideal for younger students in that it is a portable device
  • It provides superior detail in the field scope
  • Very easy to set up- Even younger students can do this without assistance
  • By having the shutter trigger on the base of the unit, users can easily press the button without disturbing the shot- It is therefore very easy to take pictures using the camera.


  • Although some may view look at this as rather an advantage, the images go right on to a screen, which means that the user will miss the opportunity to view the specimen in 3D using the binocular vision.
  • The stage does not move much, which means that the user will not be able to look at the surface of such bulky specimens as a rock that is more than half an inch in diameter


Celestron Infiniview LCD Digital Microscope may not have very high magnification, it is particularly ideal for younger users who had been using hand lenses. This is because it allows for relatively higher magnification as well as the ability to take short video clips and still pictures of the specimen.

The fact that it can also be used with any type of screen is an added advantage for users given that it can either be connected to a television screen or a PC monitor. Generally, it will be a great way to introduce younger students to microscopy.

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