The Crenova Handheld 3" TFT LCD Screen Digital Microscope

The Crenova Handheld 3" TFT LCD Screen Digital Microscope is a highly functional device that fits right in to your hands. As such, it is portable and can be carried anywhere for use. This is a big advantage for both kids and microscope enthusiasts who would be interested in observing a range of objects they come across.


The Crenova Handheld 3" TFT LCD Screen Digital Microscope comes with a screen for viewing, which allows the user to use it even without a computer. In addition, it comes with a rechargeable Li-ion lightweight battery, which enhances its portability.

While it is a portable device, the Crenova handheld 3" TFT LCD Screen Digital Microscope also comes with an adjustable stand that allows the microscope to remain in place while viewing the specimen. On the 3" TFT color display, the magnification goes up to 200X, but can increase to 500X on a computer screen. With the 5M sensor in place, every detail of the specimen is made visible.

Benefits and Application

For the Crenova Handheld 3" TFT LCD Screen Digital Microscope, it is its features that gives it its strengths. For instance, by having a screen incorporated in to the device, it becomes easier to view objects/specimens (plants, insects, minerals, and hairs etc) right in the screen while in the field like with other digital cameras.

In addition, a rechargeable lightweight battery allows the microscope to be easily carried around like a digital camera, which means that the user can use it on any occasion as long as it has been charged. In this case therefore, microscope enthusiasts would never miss out on a chance to view something interesting that comes their way.

The other exciting feature of the Crenova Handheld 3" TFT LCD Screen Digital Microscope is that it allows the user to capture and store videos and still images. Again, apart from being portable, it can be used to not only view objects/specimens in the field, but also capture images/videos, which can then be saved in to the Micro-SD card.

The device also comes with a cable through which it can be connected to a USB port on a computer. This will allow the user to send any images/videos on to the computer or simply view them on the computer screen. The microscopic lens of the device is of professional-grade quality, which allows for precise measurements of the object/specimen.

Specifications and other Features

  • 8 LED light source
  • A 3 inch LCD Panel
  • A CD driver
  • Correction Ruler
  • A manual

Pros and Cons


Apart from being portable and user friendly, the Crenova Handheld 3" TFT LCD Screen Digital Microscope 5MP Video Microscope comes with a battery that lasts for a relatively longer period of time. This will allow users to spend a longer period of time with the microscope in the field observing objects and capturing videos and still images.

It can be connected to Vista, Windows or Mac computers, which means greater flexibility when it comes to different types of computers.



Some of the weaknesses of the Crenova Handheld 3" TFT LCD Screen Digital Microscope 5MP Video Microscope include limited magnification, a limited manual and blurry images on occasions.

With limited focus that only allows for a little movement, some users may find it impossible to get detailed images, which may be frustrating. On the other hand, the manual does not provide enough details, which may require users to read more about the microscope online. However, it is easy to set up and operate.


While the Crenova Handheld 3" TFT LCD Screen Digital 5MP Video Microscope may not be as advanced as other microscopes in the market, it would make for a great gift and kids and microscope enthusiasts will find it to be a truly excellent device.

It has a number of strengths, which include a long lasting battery, a viewing screen as well as the ability to capture and store video/still images, which means that users can carry it along like a digital camera for use when need arises. In this case, when something interesting comes their way, the microscope can be used to view the object, magnify it for a clear look to take pictures and videos for further analysis or sharing.

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