Leica DM300 Binocular Microscope 

Great Optics, Mechanics and Illumination!


The Leica DM300 binocular microscope is a student's microscope that comes with the latest technology in optics, mechanics and illumination. Although it comes with a number of enhanced features, it is a very easy to use microscope and trouble free, which makes it the ideal microscope for high school/university students and beginners. With over a decade of improvements, the Leica DM300 microscope has also been constructed to be sufficiently robust to ensure maximum convenience and comfort during use.

Main features and specifications:


  • E1 Achromat 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x objectives
  • LED illumination
  • Coaxial focus mechanism for intuitive control
  • Built-in mechanical stage with low-position x/y control


Unlike most of the microscopes in the market, the DM300 binocular microscope is compact in size with a length of 362mm and a base width of 230mm. With this compact size and a small footprint, the microscope is both easy to carry and store. For kids, this makes it easier to lift and move.

The Leica EZlite LED illumination system in place has been designed to last, providing a cool, while light for up to 20 years. As such, it saves on the cost of replacement lamps. In addition, it also consumes 80 percent lower energy.

Leica EZLite™ LED illumination presents an advantage for users not just because it saves on costs, but also because it does not produce too much heat, which may affect the specimen or be too hot if/when kids touch it.

The DM300 also comes with a 30 degree inclined, 360 degree swiveling binocular compensation-free head for shared viewing and easy storage. Given that the head can be easily turned 360 degrees, it becomes easy to share the microscope regardless of which side the student is seated. Rather than turning the entire microscope, students can simple turn the microscope to their direction and view the specimen.

Sharing is also enhanced by the fact that the microscope uses a Siedentopf head. As such, focus does not change even after adjusting the interpupillary distance. 

The EZTube™ binocular head also comes with preset diopters for corrected vision in addition to an adjustable interpupillary distance (52–75 mm). This is an important feature in any given microscope in that it allows for more than one user to effectively use the microscope even if there are differences in eyesights. With an adjustable interpupillary distance, a diaper for corrected vision as well as a Siedentopf head in place, the microscope becomes much easier to use for any given student.

For the Leica DM300, the professional condenser system is pre-centered and pre-focused, which helps maximize illumination. Although the condenser allows for enhanced illumination, this can also be adjusted depending on the needs of the user and the specimen being viewed. 

It also has in place a built-in mechanical stage with low-position x/y control for accurate specimen movement at high magnification.

In place is also a coaxial focus mechanism (focusing system with both the course and find focusing knobs mounted on the same axis) for intuitive control. This simply means that the user will have an easier time controlling the specimen with better access to the two knobs. 

Some of the other features of the Leica DM300 binocular microscope include:

  • Drop-in holder for 32-mm mounted or non-mounted filters
  • 0.9/1.25 oil N.A. adjustable Abbe condenser with magnification labels for optimum contrast
  • Spring-loaded, high-magnification objectives
  • Mechanical stage

Strengths of the Leica DM300 Microscope

The Leica DM300 microscope is an excellent tool with features that ensure a great viewing experience. One of the biggest advantages of the microscope is the ease of use, making it the ideal microscope for any user regardless of their experience.

For instance, the microscope comes with an easy to use disc diaphragm that is color coded to match the color ring on the objectives. This ensures that students get to set the diaphragm properly for the best quality from the optics during viewing.

Moreover, the latest technology incorporated in the optics, mechanics and illumination of the microscope also ensures clear images and thus enhanced viewing experience for the user. With these features in place, the Leica DM300 is the ideal microscope for students and beginners.


The Leica DM300 binocular microscope is an excellent device that represents over 165 years of microscope design and manufacturing experience. Given that it is specifically designed for students, the microscope comes with improved features to ensure enhanced safety, ease of use as well as clear, quality images of the specimen.

With the features in place, the Leica DM300 microscope is ideal for beginners learning about microscopy. This is therefore a microscope worth checking out.

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