The Mini Brass Microscope with Illuminator is a Sellout Idea

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The 16X Mini Brass Microscope with Illuminator is creating a special place for itself amongst really cheap microscopes/magnifiers. It ticks many boxes.

Biologists in the field or hobbyists examining coins, stamps and the like eventually all need a compact, handy device to help with their ‘microscopic’ needs. 

Sometimes they come cheap and at other times a true traditional compound or stereo microscope is what's required and is more expensive. The idea is always to get one’s money’s worth.

Cynics have sat back and applauded this mini microscope's usefulness and the fact that such a handy tool can be made available at such a nominal price.

In actuality, this pocket microscope costs as much as a café latte at the local coffee shop. That's why MicroscopeMaster is not afraid to recommend this purposeful little magnifier to you.

Product Features

  • Power 16 X 
  • A couple of Led lights 
  • Completely adjustable focus of LED 
  • 3 batteries 3 LR927 (AG7) - 6 hour battery life
  • Product developed in China 
  • 1.8 x 0.6 x 3 inches

Product Impression

If you are a biologist looking to inspect a plant, examine pollen specks or insects, or if you are into minerology needing to get up close to crystals or minerals, this little treasure can help you a great deal.

There are LED lights with flexible focus that have proved to be credible illuminators.

The 16X Mini Brass Microscope is a sturdy, tiny tool that can be pocketed along with your camera.

While there is no consensus yet about the strength of magnification as the stated 16X is questionable and hard to definitively prove, yet many are satisfied.

Also, you can detach the LED from the microscope thus helping you save battery when there's bright light or ample natural light.

Pros and Cons

Any smart product comes with its own wave of critics so you will always find people who are critical of its battery or silver plastic casing, but truth be told, the pros outnumber the cons quite easily. 


  • The magnification works quite handily. Though it is hardly in the vicinity of 16X, one cannot complain as it performs what is required of it.  
  • Its LED lights help in targeting objects with precision 
  • Leather storage case  
  • It is very easy to carry. You can carry it along with your mobile and camera.  
  • The price is a cinch. 
  • The LED can be dissembled from the microscope easily 


  • Not overly durable as it uses silver plastic instead of metal 
  • Complaints noted about battery cap being pliable

Final run

The product has received an abundance of positive reviews and comments.

At an extremely reasonable price, biologists and curious upstarts are getting the chance to sufficiently magnify a variety of objects.

The LED illuminator is a true benefit.  The 16X Mini Brass Microscope with Illuminator holds up well. If this is not a deal, then what is? Of course, you can always buy that café latte instead but that would be a shame.

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