Mitutoyo 176 808A Toolmakers Microscope

Digimatic Micrometer Heads, 30X Magnification

The Mitutoyo 176 808A Toolmakers Microscope is one in a series of microscopes that have been specifically designed for the purposes of measuring the dimensions and angles of a variety of machines/tools. As such, it can be effectively used for such purposes of checking shapes of screw threads, inspection of matching templates and gears among others.

Mitutoyo 176 808A Features and Functions

The following are some of the features of the Mitutoyo 176 808A Toolmakers Microscope:

  • A monocular viewing head
  • Two digimatic micrometer heads
  • Tungsten illumination
  • A 6 x 6 inch stage
  • A 15x eyepiece (with built in vernier protractor- secondary scale)

*Vernier protractor indicates where a given measurement lies when it is between two marks of the main scale

Unlike a good number of other toolmakers microscopes in the market where readings have to be done manually, this compound toolmakers microscope comes with two digimatic micrometer heads with  0.00005"/0.001 mm resolution display LCD readout, which provides statistical process control output, allowing for readings to be read directly during measurements. This makes it easier to get the readings given that they are simply displayed on the LCD readout than getting the readings on a scale with other tool maker's microscopes.

In addition to the 2x objectives, this microscope also comes with 15x eyepiece, which features a built in vernier protractor as well as a angle dial for controlling angle movement. This enhances the viewing experience, allowing for more accurate readings. 

With regards to lighting, the Mitutoyo 176-808A compound toolmakers microscope uses 24V Tungsten bulbs, which supports the simultaneous use of contour illumination (method used for observing a work piece using transmitted light) with green filter for viewing as well as oblique surface illumination (reflected) with angle orientation adjustment capabilities.

Here, both the transmitted ad reflected illumination intensity can be adjusted to obtain the optimal illumination intensity for the work piece.

* Here, it is important to note that the transmitted light used for this microscope is not meant to pass through the work piece as is the case with various biological microscopes.

The Mitutoyo 176-808A compound toolmakers microscope also comes with a diopter adjustment. This is an important component of the microscope that is often used to compensate for differences in eye visions. Here, it also serves to show specific magnification power depending on the person operating it.

The dimensions of the XY stage are 6 x 6 inch, which is sufficient working space for a majority of the tools measured using this microscope. Moreover, the stage travel range is 2x2 inch, which is important for maneuverability, moving the object during observation. This is an important feature of the tool maker's microscope in that it allows for effective measurement of the parts of the object.

Some of the other components of the microscope include;

  • A grounding wire
  • A bulb setter
  • A cross- line reticle
  • Len cap
  • A mounting screw


The Mitutoyo 176-808A Toolmakers Microscope only achieves a 30X total magnification. This may be one of limitations of the tool maker's microscope for some users considering that some of these microscopes can achieve a total magnification of up to 160x. However, this is still good resolution that will allow for effective measurements of various parts.

Mitutoyo 176-808A Toolmaker's Microscope with Digimatic Micrometer Heads, 30X Magnification

The Mitutoyo 176-808A Toolmakers Microscope is a good quality microscope that has been designed with a range of features that allow for comfort during use, enhancing the viewing experience. A good example of these features include the 30-degree depression angle meant to allow for comfortable viewing, an adjustable diopter that accommodates differences in eye vision as well as a leaf spring mechanism, which assist with glass removal and replacement. 

This toolmakers microscope therefore serves a great purpose in the measurement of dimensions and angle of machined metals.

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