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Mitutoyo 176-809A TM-510 Toolmakers Microscope

With Micrometer Heads, Contour Illumination, 30X Magnification

From the TM Series of microscopes, the Mitutoyo 176-809A TM-510 Toolmakers microscope is a brilliant microscope that comes with a monocular head, a 30x total magnification, two-watt tungsten bulbs as well as a rectangular mechanical stage (4" x 2") which allows for left to right movement.

With a number of other special features in place, this compound toolmakers microscope is designed to ensure high accuracy and maximum comfort during use.

Mitutoyo 176-809A TM-510 Features and Functions

The Mitutoyo 176-809A TM-510 Toolmakers compound microscope comes with a 15x eyepiece and 2x lens objective and a working distance of 67mm to achieve a total magnification of 30x (standard magnification).

The microscope also comes with both transmitted and reflected illumination lights, which enhance contrast, thereby increasing clarity of the object under observation. The 2-watt tungsten bulbs in place can also be easily adjusted depending on the needs of the user for better clarity.

Being a compound toolmakers microscope, the Mitutoyo 176-809A TM-510 Toolmakers compound microscope produces two- dimensional images for inspection purposes and measurement. This is an important feature that makes the microscope unique. As such, it allows for the measurement of dimensions, angles of machined metals as well for other inspection purposes.

The monocular viewing head of the Mitutoyo 176-809A TM-510 Toolmakers compound microscope has been set at a 30-degree depression angle for comfort during use, and contains a built-in vernier protractor as well as a 90 degree broken cross-hair reticle (interchangeable), which makes it easier for measuring purposes (edge of workpiece has to align with center of cross-hair reticle during measurement).

The protractor is 360 degrees with graduations of 1 degree increments, which is an important feature for the measurement of angles.

The rectangular mechanical stage of the microscope, which allows for left to right movement also, has a micrometer head used for recording of the coordinates. Here, data output is through the statistical processing tool. In this case therefore, readings are not done manually on a scale, but rather digitally, which is more convenient.

Some of the other components that come with the microscope include;

  • GIF filter
  • Mounting screws
  • Reticle setting screw
  • A bulb setter
  • A spare bulb
  • 2 spare fuses
  • Allen key
  • Grounding Wire
  • Power cord


Mitutoyo 176-809A TM-510 Toolmakers microscope has been designed to meet user satisfaction. with a working distance of 67mm, 2- watt tungsten bulbs offering transmitted and reflected illumination as well as contour illumination, this tool is not only designed to ensure excellent clarity of the image, but also efficiency during use.

Using the system of illumination in place, the Mitutoyo 176-809A TM-510 Toolmakers microscope provides a two dimensional image for ideal observation and measurements during use.

In addition, the digitized micrometer heads allow for data to be produced digitally for easy reading and recording without the need to manipulate and read a scale as is the case with a number of other toolmaker’s microscopes. These features therefore make it the microscope of choice among various manufacturers in various fields.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that the Mitutoyo 176-809A TM-510 Toolmakers microscope is an excellent tool, which has been carefully designed to ensure ease of use and accuracy. With its special features, it can be used in various manufacturing companies involved in the production of tools and machine parts. Here, it serves as an excellent tool for inspection of these parts as well as for measuring various dimensions and angles.

Mitutoyo 176-809A TM-510 Toolmaker's Microscope with Micrometer Heads, Contour Illumination, 30X Magnification

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