Olympus Microscope CX Series Review

CX21 and CX31

The Olympus Microscope CX series was introduced in the late 1990s. These microscopes come equipped with all the features of the Olympus BX Series, including the UIS2 and unique ergonomic design.

The CX models remain compact, durable and affordable, despite their wide-range of capabilities, making them ideal for students, medical professionals and other researchers in small laboratories.

The Olympus microscope CX Series have a wide field of view, integrated energy-saving LED lighting and come with an anti-fungal treatment on all parts.

Both the CX21 and CX31 have low-position fine/coarse focus dials, can accommodate right/left handed individuals, have adjustable tubes, eyepieces and risers and offer multiple accessories and peripherals.

Olympus CX21 Microscope Review

Designed for clinical and educational purposes, the CX21 reaches new heights in image color, contrast, clarity and focus delivering flat, sharp images utilizing the infinity-corrected Plan Achromat technology.

This model has a focus-lock on the stage, for simple re-focus after changing slides.

The CX21 also comes with:

  • 6v-20w halogen light
  • Wire movement, mechanical fixed stage
  • Single specimen holder
  • Abbe condenser, with built-in aperture diaphragm

The Olympus CX21 microscope offers a second option for you in lighting. The CX21LED has an illumination system using LED light to acquire images instead of the 6V/20W halogen bulb used with the regular model. The goal is for the LED bulb to last for 10 years while saving energy.

To aid in bright field technique plano-concave mirrors are included.

The eyepiece, objectives and condenser are all attached to the body of the microscope and the nosepiece is affixed to the arm, eliminating the possibility of losing or breaking-off parts.

The lightweight and small size, coupled with the above precautions, make this model for long term use, easy to transport and store.

Educators and medical professionals benefit from its size espcially when required to work in tight spaces. It is solid and versatile with an asking price of under $1500, so the price is right for a good biological microscope.

Olympus CX31 Microscope Review

From the Olympus microscope CX series, the CX31 is affordable, small, easily carried and stored. Its wide-range of functions make it an appropriate choice for a number of settings such as educational, medical and clinical.

Olympus CX31 microscopefrom OlympusAmerica.com

The clear, bright images seen through the CX31 are optimal for digital imaging.

The CX31 utilizes the following:

  • 6v-30w Kohler halogen lamp
  • Double slide holder
  • Low-positioned XY controls with ergo grips
  • UIS2 eyepieces that accommodate persons wearing eyeglasses
  • PLCN objectives to flatten images
  • A highly-rigid and solid Y-frame
  • Handgrips on the front/back of the frame for portability

Quick Summary

The Olympus CX series with the CX31 and the CX21 microscopes were built to withstand student handling in the classroom. The quality optics, ergonomics and ease of use are nice advantages for students. Of course, with these features and benefits they will also fit nicely in any laboratory with a price tag that suits the quality.

To review many biological models from Olympus, such as the BX line, you can read on by visiting our Olympus Microscope Reviews page. 

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