OMAX 3.5X-90X USB3 18MP Digital Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope

Desk Stand with 144-LED Light


The Omax 3.5X-90X USB3 18MP Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope is a digital tool that has been designed to ensure comfort and great user experience. The microscope comes with a number of outstanding features including a rotatable trinocular, a digital camera as well as a stable desk stand to name a few. These features make it an excellent tool for both professional and home use by hobbyists and microscope enthusiasts.

Product Description

Microscope Head


Inclination and Rotation


Inclined at 45 degrees and capable of 360 degrees rotation, the head of this microscope is meant to ensure comfortable observation for all users. With the 45 degrees inclination, users do not have to bend their heads, thus avoiding strain and pain in the neck. On the other hand, the 360 rotation capabilities allow for the microscope to be easily used by more than one person without the need to turn the entire microscope.


Beam Split Lever


Located on one side of the photo-tube, this lever allows for the light path to be split. This is often used when a digital camera or a video camera is attached on to the microscope. For this microscope, this features is used to enable the photo-tube of the left eye-tube. Here, the lever is used to determine light distribution between the eyepiece and the vertical phototube.

By pushing the lever in, 100 percent of light will enter the eyepiece. However, if the lever is pulled outwards, then all of the light enters the phototube.

Here, it is worth noting that with a trinocular microscope, a camera can either be attached on the trinocular head or one of the eyepieces. Depending on the part it is attached to, light can be adjusted using the lever to direct light on to the camera.


Trinocular Head


The Omax 3.5X-90X USB3 18MP Digital microscope also comes with a trinocular head, which includes the binocular pair and a trinocular port. Whereas the binocular pair is used to observe the specimen using both eye as one normally would with any binocular microscope, the trinocular port allows for the addition and attachment of a photographic or video capability to the microscope.

It is also through this port that the microscope is connected to a PC or monitor, allowing for images to be observed on the computer. This is an important features that can allow the user to simply observe the specimen on a larger screen without the need to view it on the binocular tube. It can also help with such activities and group presentation or sharing.




The Omax 3.5X-90X USB3 18MP Digital Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope also comes with an 18MP USB 3.0 digital camera as well as a reduction lens (O.5X). The camera, this super high resolution and super speed camera makes it possible to capture still images as well as live videos on to the PC.

This system also comes with a user friendly software that is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems. With the super speed 18MP USB 3.0 camera and included software, it is also possible for users to edit or process while at the same time making measurements of the image.

The 0.5X reduction lens (Barlow lens with working distance of about 165 mm or 6 and a half inches in length and about 600 large in diameter) used here allows for a larger field of view which means that the user will get to observe a larger field of view of the point of interest of the specimen allowing for all regions of the specimen to be viewed and studied.

This offers users a great deal of flexibility and convenience given that it can not only allow for the microscope to be shared and used for live presentations, but also allow for images to be shared in real time over long distance (such as in video conferencing) or sending images and/or videos through emails etc.

Other features of the microscope head include:


Adjustable Interpupillary Distance

The interpupillary distance allows for adjustments of between 2-3/16inch ~ 2-15/16inch (55mm ~ 75mm). This allows for different users with different interpupullary distance to be able to view the specimen/sample through the binocular tube without any challenges. This accommodation makes it possible for both kids and adults to also be in a position to comfortably use the microscope.

Diopter -The microscope also has in place a diopter on both ocular tubes ( +/-5dp). This allows for differences in eye vision between different users, which mean that this particular microscope can be used by virtually anyone. Here, regardless of eye vision of different users, the user will be able to observe the sample clearly without any challenges.



The microscope comes with a 144-LED ring right with intensity control, which provides a shadow-less illumination from the top of the sample.

One of the biggest advantages of LED light source is that it does not produce a lot of heat. This extra source of illumination can therefore be said to have the advantages of les heat and a shadowless illumination for better clarity. However, the microscope uses a 12V/10W halogen bulb as a light source. This includes an incident or upper illuminator that comes with a reflector as well as a transmitted or lower illuminator.

Whereas the incident illuminator has a 90 degrees adjustable inclined angle range, the transmitted illuminator has its own intensity control for the intensity of light passing to be adjusted according to the needs of the user.

The illumination system for this microscope allows the for specimen to be illuminated from both above and below it depending on the type of specimen as well as what the user hopes to view. The stage on which the specimen/sample rests is made of glass allowing for light from the lower source to pass through the specimen.


The Omax 3.5X-90X USB3 18MP Digital Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope uses super widefield optics. This includes 30mm widefield WF10X/20 and WF20X eyepieces and a zoom 0.7X-4.5X objective.

Total magnifications of between 3.5X-90X continuous zoom magnification that allows for any magnification on this range to be observable. Apart from these optics, the microscope also allows for the attachment of an optical 2X auxiliary lens that can be used for increasing the total power to 180X.

Some of the other important features include:


  • 90V ~ 265V wide voltage range power adapter
  • Glass stage plate: 3-3/4inch (95mm) in diameter
  • White/black plastic stage plate: 3-3/4inch (95mm) in diameter
  • A Sturdy metal framework
  • Power supply: 100V~240V, 50/60Hz (US and Canada Plug)
  • Frame speed: 5.6fps at 4912x3684, 18.1fps at 2456x1842, 32.2fps at 1228x922
  • Focus adjustment stroke: 2-3/8inch (60mm)
  • Field of view: max 2-3/8inch (60mm)
  • True color 4912x3684 pixels (18M pixels)

Pros and Con(s)



This microscope has a number of advantages that make it useful in a variety of fields. With both incident and transmitted illumination, the microscope can be used to observe a wide range of samples in a variety of fields and by a variety of professionals such as biological research, engraving, watchmakers, jewelers and gemologists among others.

By using the optical auxiliary lens to increase the total power to 180X, the microscope proves useful for the inspection of precision instruments. It also comes with a super speed 18MP USB 3.0 camera, which not only provides clear images within a very short period of time, but also allows for increased functionality of the microscope when it comes to sharing the viewing experience on a large screen as well as the ability to make measurements and edits.



The only concern that some users may have with the microscope is that it uses halogen bulbs, which tend to produce heat and a yellowish light but a 144 LED ring light is included.


The Omax 3.5X-90X USB3 18MP Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope is an excellent tool with a number of excellent features aimed at meeting the needs of different users. While it comes with important basic features, other features of the microscope such as the optics have been enhanced to ensure quality images and great user experience.

Apart from the basic features, the manufacturer has also included a number of attachments such as the 2X auxiliary lens and a metal shell 144 LED shadow-free right light for extra illumination. These features allow the microscope to be used for a range of other purposes making it a useful tool for many application in various fields.

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