Radical Toolmakers Precise Measuring Microscope

For Tools, Automobile Parts & Micro-Components

The Radical Toolmakers Precise Measuring Microscope is used for the purposes of measuring lengths, angles as well as diameter and distances. As such, it is commonly used by auto component manufacturers, tool manufacturers as well as in quality control or various tools and parts.

Radical Toolmakers Precise Measuring Microscope Features and Functions 

This device comes with 2x eyepiece and a 15x objective, giving a total magnification of 30x. While this may not be the highest level of magnification with this particular device, it is sufficient for measurements of lengths, diameter and distance of various parts. In place is also a cross reticle, which allows for accurate measurements.

In addition, it also has a goniometric head with 360 degree division, which allows for the measurement of angles. One of benefits of this feature is that it allows for rotation, which in turn allows for precise angular position during measurements. This is also in addition to 6 micron least count, which means that the microscope allows for the measurement of very small parts.

With regard to illumination, the Radical Toolmakers Precise Measuring Microscope relies on contour illumination which includes sub-stage illumination (20w with green filter surface illumination) as well as oblique illumination. Here, oblique illumination serves an important purpose of improving visibility of the object, which contributes to more accurate measurements.

In particular, the primary function of this feature is to enhance contrast, which allows for measurements of the part under observation to be more visible for the measurements to be done.

*Sub- stage light illumination is the term used to refer to from the base of the device through the condenser


This microscope uses a rotary stage with a diameter of 115mm. In addition to the ability to rotate the stage (which rests on linear bearings) the stage can also be moved 150x150mm with 50x50mm. This is an important feature that allows for the object under observation to be slowly moved to any direction that the user wishes in order to make the measurements.

It also allows for a long working distance (70mm), which allows for a variety of objects to be viewed using this device. With this device, readings on the micrometer are done manually as the stage is slowly moved. Regardless, this allows for much greater precision as compared to a vernier caliper given that it measures smaller range of lengths.


Some of the other features include:

  • Power cord
  • Filters
  • Cross reticle
  • Knurled knob
  • Micrometer heads for X and Y movements
  • A knob for moving the carrier arm on the column

Unlike a number of more recent toolmakers microscopes, the Radical Toolmakers Precise Measuring Microscope does not come with digimatic micrometers, and therefore has to be manually operated to obtain the readings. While this may be too much work for some users, it is easy to operate given that it simply involves turning the vernier head to take the readings.

On the other hand, this microscope allows for a total magnification of 30x, which may be low for some users, who desire higher magnifications. While these are not necessarily disadvantages, they may be limitations for various users. 

The Radical Toolmakers Precise Measuring Microscope presents a lot of advantages for various manufacturers involved in the manufacturer of tools, tool repair or quality control. This is because of the fact that it provides for sufficiently high magnification with 10 micron least count. While it uses a manual micrometer to take down readings, it is worth noting that this is not as complicated as some may think.

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