Veho VMS-004 Deluxe USB Microscope 

With x400 Magnification & Flexi Alloy Stand 

Today, advancements in science and technology have allowed for price tags to decrease and purchasing power to increase.  This is certainly the case for the Veho VMS-004 Deluxe USB Microscope.

This USB microscope is well suited for general applications such as the imaging of plants, seeds, insects, coins, stamps, electronic circuit boards or for whatever else is of interest/necessary.  

You no longer need to take out your somewhat clunky expensive optical microscope but instead can use a more petit optically advanced portable USB microscope.   

Taking sharp pictures and video facilitates the identification and cataloguing of your images.  Only weighing in at almost 10 ounces, the Veho VMS-004 Deluxe USB microscope is possibly smaller than expected but this does not take away from it's capabilities.  Its unique design and portability lends itself to more versatility and flexibility.

Available at a reasonable price, this smart instrument can be utilized for residential and office purposes. MicroscopeMaster believes it to be well worth the investment.  It is easily a one-handed microscope after a few initial days of practice. 

Product Features

  • USB microscope with 20x and 400x zoom (non-continuous)  
  • LED illumination with dimmer 
  • Inbuilt video capturing and measurement software 
  • Interpolated CMOS Lens: 2.0 megapixels 
  • Alloy stand 
  • PC/Mac compatible

Product Impression - Pros and Cons

The Veho VMS-004 Deluxe USB Microscope appears attractive in its design, user friendly and stylish. 

The stand sent with the Veho, however, does not account well for the microscope's weight and balance. It's a lighter-weighted stand and depending on your needs, you may need to position the microscope fixed to a heavier-weighted base or if your object is small enough you may want to place it in the transparent lens cap for easier viewing. 

The microscope clips in and out easily.  A firm steady grip on the microscope is necessary and it may be necessary to be creative at how to hold and angle it to achieve best results.   

The software installs easily and permits saving of images in .bmp and .jpg formats.  The software based exposure setting obtains pleasing results.  Even for the inexperienced user, the default exposure settings can be used and work well.  

Paintshop Pro or Photoshop are two other excellent options for editing and enhancing images.  Photmicrographs can be quickly taken effectively without the need for a separate light source. 

As a special note, some users found that they were led to believe that there is a continuous zoom from 20x up to 400x and this is not the case.  There are 2 magnification power setting, one at 20x and the other at 400x.  Be gentle with the focus.  A nice bonus is that there is very little chromatic aberration. 

At 400x, the level of magnification is possible (optically, not digitally) but requires that the LED lighting be used and then adjust the focus lens to its full length to obtain uniform focus.  

Most users would naturally try to digitally zoom in on the object on the computer screen instead which is not necessary.  It would be best to practice on a flat object first, focusing with 20x power initially and then gently switch to 400x setting.  The 400x has a low depth of field with low contrast.  Pressing specimens/objects between glass slides would aid at 400x also. 

One shortcoming noted was the instruction manual.  It is poorly written for installation and for use (especially at the 400x) but being a relatively uncomplicated instrument, users, in all probability, are able to begin using the Veho in little time. 

Measurement Function

When focusing in on an object, the scale gives you a notional magnification number. Once you snap the image and open it using the microcapture software with a double click of the thumbnail, you're then able to enter this notional number on the preview screen. 

Then, the measurement ruler will provide you with a fairly accurate measure of the object/specimen.

For the price offered, this is a good option but obviously not comparable to any lab quality optical microscope - it is offered as a special, inexpensive, multi-purpose instrument.  Easily used by young children for school projects and hobbies as well as for adults requiring image quality with lightweight design.  

MicroscopeMaster recommends thVeho VMS-004 Deluxe USB Microscope and believes it puts its best forward in delivering impressive results.

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