ViTiny Pro10 Plus Portable Digital Microscope Review

- Photomicrography to New Heights -

Hobbyists and professionals alike will find the ViTiny Pro10 Plus portable digital microscope an impressive and handy digital tool for use in microscopy.  Every so often, something comes up over the scientific horizon that opens our eyes to endless possibilities 

This portable device is one of the most unique entries into the field of research-oriented microscopy, photomicrography and even art. It is a digital microscope that allows you to capture images and video of the micro-world. 


Photomicrography is the science that deals with picturing and documenting objects as seen through a microscope. Discoveries in microscopy took to new heights with the help of digital and electron micrographs. 

Light microscopy has moved ahead in producing optical products paired with digital imaging capability enhancing microscopy research for use in education, with living and non-living samples, in geology, biology, with fabrics or print sharing findings with scientific communities and the world.

Product Features

  • Dimensions: 5.1 x 2.6 x 1.1 inches ; 5.4 ounces 
  • Digital camera of 2 megapixels with photo resolution capacity of 1600x1200 pixels for both the JPG and the AVI files.  
  • TV image output is for an equivalent of MP4 file.  
  • A full color TFT LCD screen of 2.8-inch with preview capacity for 320x240 pixels.  
  • Magnifying powers from 10x to 200x. Optical zoom: 10x to 40x, Digital zoom: up to 5x 
  • Functionality involves multi-LED lighting.  
  • Special Effects:  Grey scale, Embossed and Inverse 
  • Software included:  Fully adept at measuring length, area, and perimeter. 
  • Software Compatibility: Windows 7/Vista/XP. 
  • USB cable of 1.1 speed for image transference to PC. 
  • Set of 5 Support Accessories (shallow contact cap, deep contact cap, non-contact supporter,  deep tank, shallow tank)

Product Impression

Choosing this product seems like a simple decision at the offered priceA capable microscope and digital camera together at an impressive price. The ViTiny Pro10 Plus portable digital microscope allows you to capture the microscopic world beautifully and in an all-encompassing way.  

ViTiny Pro10 Plus offers a portable digital microscope embedding LED for quality illumination and better precision in focus thus making the images more conspicuous to the human eye.  The LED lighting can be adjusted to impinge light from various directions.  

Its absolute portability and use in field is a definite advantage.  You do not need to carry an extra monitor along with the microscope or need one nearby.  Your images can be easily outputed afterwards to a PC or TV. 

In comparison, there are several products that require a monitor in order to view objects in real-time like the Dino-Lite Microscope or the Celestron 44302 Handheld Digital Microscope which is a limiting feature.  Hence the ViTiny digital microscope is among the most full featured portable microscopes available.  

The extent of magnification offered is another huge plus and both digital and optical zoom work just as predicted. The mode of comparison helps a researcher in scaling things exactly to the dimension he is seeking. The length ruler is an adequate addition for researching and documenting object areas, perimeters and angles.

Pros and Cons

The product is an outright winner and negative points are few and far between. However, MicroscopeMaster provides the pros and cons below: 


  • contact or non-contact with samples/objects 
  • High powers of magnification 
  • Multi-LED light for approaching an object from different angles 
  • Highly portable (no extra monitor required) 
  • Smartly performing USB cable 
  • Active comparison mode 
  • Useful Length ruler  
  • Great price


  • Manufacturer's Warranty: only 1 year 
  • Users found instruction manual limited

At the price offered, ViTiny Pro10 Plus portable digital microscope turns out to be a unique digital product. It brings life to microscopic objects and fulfills your research-oriented goals in style.

With the help of LED and powerful magnification, it makes your research and photomicrography a breeze.

The video below was not made by MicroscopeMaster but is a very good close up look at the ViTiny Pro10 Plus's features and ability.

** In fact, you will need to excuse the spelling and narrative in the video.

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