Zeiss Axiostar Plus Microscope 

Ergonomics and Excellent Features

The Zeiss Axiostar Plus microscope is a development model improving on the previous model known as the Axiostar.  

This is a well made microscope with quality finishing.  It's ideal for extensive use in the laboratory, education and in bioresearch.  It is easily transportable so also beneficial for out in the field.  

Its price tag is surprisingly low!  The Axiostar Plus has excellent performance both optically and mechanically.  It's a light-weight microscope with top of the line optics and upgrade options available in order to keep up with continuous developments in modern microscopy.  

The fact that the Axiostar Plus is a smaller upright microscope from Carl Zeiss does not disappoint as it comes equipped with features that end users usually only enjoy in higher performance lines. 

Inexperienced users benefit from its sturdiness and the more experienced rely on its sound ergonomics as well as its flexibility. 

Zeiss provides upgrades for a variety of imaging techniques even for advanced fluorescence microscopy. At this point though, you can pay for what you currently need. 

Along with its optional photo head, this microscope offers stability which is particularly useful for photomicrography provided, of course, that you purchase the right camera equipment


The Zeiss Axiostar Plus microscope comes in a medium-sized pyramid design offering high stability. 

Carl Zeiss is still known for its attention to ergonomics and this is not ignored in the Axiostar plus even though it is a smaller instrument. 

Its use for routine applications maintains comfort as an important consideration.  The Ergo base plate allows for four different viewing angles and viewing heights. Therefore each user finds a comfortable viewing angle even when using over extended periods of time.

When considering ergonomics, other important components like the tubes with a 30 degree viewing angle and adjustable stage with soft touch controls also gear towards user comfort.


The Zeiss Axiostar Plus has "soft touch" controls on both sides of the stand as opposed to hard plastic as on previous models

Like the Axiostar, this microscope has low coaxial coarse and fine focus so enables your hand to rest on the table/lab bench which helps to eliminate fatigue and is comfortable for right or left handed users.

It has a self adjusting, maintenance free planetary gear drive with positive end stops. 


As previously mentioned, the Axiostar Plus' optics offer great clarity as they are built around aInfinity Color-Corrected Optics system (ICS) where the objectives and binocular tube form a color-corrected primary image with no need for additional correction. 

This can set you up for basic brightfield imaging, all the way to epi-fluorescence and any upgrade/module in between.  

Product Features

The brightfield package offers a binocular phototube, 30°/45°, 20,100/100; 10X/20mm E-PL eyepieces, 1 fixed, 1 focusable; interpupilary distance adjustable and correctable as well as eyepiece height.  Fine for spectacle wearers. 

Nosepiecepositive click stops with rotations to four or five positionprecision ball-bearing mechanism. 

Objectives:  includes A-Plan objectives - factors of magnification = 5X, 10X, 40X, 40X Ph2, 50X100X oil immersion.  

Stageceramic coated plate, precisely adjustable and easily controlled mechanical stage (size:75 x 30mm), nicely moveable coaxial x/y stage control. 

Condenserabbe-type 0.9/1.25 condenser suited for basic brightfield, phase-contrast as well as darkfield; aperture diaphragm

Important note for existing Axiostar users: the Axiostar can be retrofitted with all the new components belonging to the Axiostar Plus! 

The department of Biological Sciences at Imperial College London now proudly own and use 150 Zeiss Axiosar plus microscopes in their teaching labs.

The excellent decision to replace their 30 year old student microscopes was made after examining and using several units from every major manufacturer. 

The Zeiss Axiostar Plus microscope sold itself.  

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