Zeiss Stereo Microscopes

Research, Review and Comparisons

Students, researchers and medical technicians agree that Zeiss stereo microscopes are user friendly, state of the art microscopes capable of a wide variety of tasks using modern LED illumination options capable of delivering superior image quality with minimal adjustments.

Stereo Microscopes

Using a single eye piece allows microscopes to enlarge specimens for examination; however, the viewing field of these instruments field is small.

Stereo microscopes are equipped with two eyepieces and function much like a set of binoculars providing a wider viewing range.

Stereo microscopes are often referred to as dissecting microscopes primarily because the larger, flat viewing platform allows specimens to be manipulated, dissected and provides the space required to observe living organisms and larger specimens.

Advantages of a Stereo Microscope

The benefits of a stereo microscope are many:

  • including a wider viewing platform
  • the ability to alter the specimen and the capability of observing living organisms, which is not always possible when a slide is required
  • The stationary viewing platform provides illumination options that can include top, bottom, and side illumination allowing users to see various parts of the specimen with different colors, intensities and the blending of different types of light unique and detailed specimen study.

The Downside of a Stereo Microscope

The downside of stereo microscopes is the cost and the need for a stable surface.

New stereo microscopes can cost thousands of dollars and only a few can be used in the field.

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Zeiss Stereo Microscopes

Zeiss has been manufacturing quality microscopes since 1846 and currently produces stereo microscopes for students and professionals including:

Stemi 2000-C

  • Stemi 2000-C Stereo Microscope provides 7.7X to 1X zoom with boom stand option
  • 1.95X to 250X magnification with viewing fields from 118mm to 1.0mm plus this unit can be adapted for video.
  • 2000-C features include sharp, 3D images with one click or continuous zoom capabilities
  • plus additional eyepieces that increase magnification ranges up to 35.4mm.
  • head imaging port, rack and pinion focus assembly and eyepieces are standard.
  • does not come with a mounting platform
  • available accessories include a ball and socket stage that allows this microscope to be angled for easier viewing of larger specimens,
  • video camera and software,
  • additional supplemental eyepieces and objective lenses.

The Z Series Modular Zoom stereo microscope is capable of 2.4X to 320X magnifications and can be combined with other Zeiss components to create a unique, customized system. The Z series includes:

  • three zoom range options,
  • multiple objective lenses and eyepieces
  • optional components including photoport inserts, C-mount adapters and LED ring light illuminators

Zeiss Stereo Microscope Stemi DV4 includes:

  • user friendly set up and operation,
  • three way LED illumination, dark field illumination and four to one zoom options
  • easily transported
  • with additional eyepieces, the standard 8X to 32X magnification can be enhanced to 2.4X to 64X.

Illumination options are controlled by a single button and additional lighting options are controlled by a touch pad providing cold, white and tilt-able illumination.

Additionally, this unit can be mounted on a moveable boom component if desired.

Zeiss Discovery V8 Zoom Stereo Microscope:

  • standard with 1.0X to 8.0 X magnifications, and by purchasing additional objective lenses, this stereo microscope’s magnification may be increased to 3X to 300X.
  • Video components can be added easily and the zoom feature can be set to automatic or manual, and the APO objectives allow observation of specimens without color fringes.
  • This unit requires a mounting system and is boom compatible with alternate C-mounts available, video camera and 25X eyepieces can also be added.


Zeiss stereo microscopes offer a wide variety of specimen viewing options however when compared to other stereo microscopes there are differences.

  • Nikon’s Eclipse AZ100 Multizoom stereo microscope includes tilt-able eyepieces that may provide more user comfort, two stand options and the option to have three pre-set viewing stages available. Very high quality optics..
  • Olympus SZX10 research stereo microscopes has a shorter shaft with a higher zoom ratio of ten to one and like Zeiss stereo microscopes has a wide range of add on modular components including high speed imaging and automatic functions.
  • Leica model M80 stereo microscopes has an extending eyepiece that compensates for user heights allowing multiple users to be comfortable while operating this unit and like the Zeiss Discovery V8 model has a selection of add on components allowing this unit to be customized to the users specification.
  • The ZEISS 435063-9010-100 Stemi 305 Stereo Microscope is a low priced, high performance, compact, Greenough stereomicroscope with 5:1 zoom for biological education, laboratory use as well as production environment use. 

Zeiss Stereo Cost

Purchasing a Zeiss stereo microscope is an investment as you can upgrade these instruments by purchasing add-on components at a future date.

The purchase price for stereo microscopes manufactured by Zeiss begin at $3,500 for a basic stereo microscope, Leica basic stereo instruments start at $4,200.

The Olympus SZX9 series stereo microscope starts at $3220 and both the Olympus and Zeiss units include an assortment of eyepieces.

For the most part, Nikon and Zeiss are not significantly different for cost.

The Zeiss Company has a solid reputation for quality and many of their microscopes can be purchased used and refurbished at a reduced cost.

Customer support is available for Zeiss microscopes as are replacement parts.

Eyepieces, bulbs, filters and mounting parts as well as add on components, video and still cameras, camera and video mounting stands and boom mounts give customers many types of options and upgrade to their Zeiss microscopes.

Purchasing a Zeiss stereo microscope ensures a high quality instrument capable of many tasks, that can be customized to suit any manufacturing, research or medical need, and is capable of providing education using virtual technology using video and still cameras. 

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