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With the addition of microscope slides and other accessories you can et the most out of your microscope. Especially useful for kids, students and the beginner hobbyist!


40X-1000X Dual Light Optical Glass Lens All-Metal Framework Student Microscope

This is a versatile, dual light, high power microscope with both the incident and transmitted LED light sources. As such, it will allow the student to view both opaque objects (lit from above) and translucent specimens (lit from below).

The lower light of this microscope can also be employed for high-detail viewing of such specimens as cells and vascular systems of thin leaves among other ultra-small translucent specimens. Designed to last, this microscope has full optical glass elements, a metal framework, two eye pieces of 10X and 25X as well as a 360 degree rotatable monocular head.

The light sources can either use an outlet or 3AA batteries, both of which are included. Apart from the microscope, the kit also comes with 50 blank slides, 100 cover slips, red and blue specimen stains; a slew of tools as well as an introductory book to microscopy.  

Some of the features include:

  • Five Magnifications, 40X, 100X, 250X, 400X, and 1000X
  • Focusing control knobs on both sides,
  • All coated optical elements
  • Coated optical elements
  • Built- in incident and transmitted LED Illumination system

Also Included:

  • A Petri dish,
  • A stirring rod
  • Tweezers
  • A bottle of eosin and methylene blue
  • Set of Lens Tissues
AmScope AWARDED BEST STUDENT MICROSCOPE 40X-1000X Dual Light Optical Glass Lens All-Metal Framework Student Microscope + Microscope Prepared and Blank Slides

Omano Student Microscope Gift Package 

Although this is essentially a high power microscope, it also contains a top light, which allows students to view such macro specimens as insects and leaves at lower magnification.

With the objective lenses of 4x, 10x and 40x for the maximum magnification of 400x, this microscope is largely suitable for first timers (younger students) who are just beginning to learn about microscopy.

The kit also comes with a number of accessories that include:

  • 5 cover slips
  • 5 prepared slides
  • 5 blank slides
  • Petri dish
  • Cotton swab
  • Eosin and methylene blues stain
  • A dropper
Omano OM117L-XSP2 Student Compound Microscope 40X-400X Gift Package Awarded 2016 Best Kids Microscope By TOP TEN Reviews

Elenco Slide Making Kit

This slide making kit comes with a number of contents that will allow the student an easy time making and staining their own slides. Using this kit, students will have the opportunity to make sections and smears, which they can then observe under the microscope.

Apart from the accessories, the kit also comes with an instruction manual, which will make it easier for students to learn a little more about how to collect samples, prepare slides and observe them under the microscope.

Although it comes with instructions, students may need to use other books, which provide more details about the procedures involved.

The Elenco kit includes:


·      2 prepared slides

·      10 glass slides

·      12 cover slips

·      1 vial of eosin

·      1 vial of shrimp eggs

·      1 vial of sodium chloride

·      A pair of tweezers

·      A stirring rod

·      A 3x and 6x magnifier

Elenco Slide Making Kit

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