Digital Blue QX7 Microscope

- New Model Review -

The Digital Blue QX7 microscope is the next generation in the QX series with improved features from older popular versions, the QX3 and the QX5 and is still very affordable.  

The QX7 is a model offering good maneuverability, dependability and its performance is high for the cost. 

Keep in mind that Digital Blue labels this microscope as a toy but here at MicroscopeMaster, we have quickly realized that for hobbyists or teachers in educational settings, this is a great helpand so more than a toy.    

The digital photo and video capture allows for still images as well as time lapse movies.  You can get creative.  The software can enhance your images with special and audio effects providing viewing, editing, animation and measuring ability.  It is a kid friendly device with easy manipulation for quality viewing of objects within the software.

The lighting of the viewable object can be lit from the top, bottom and sides benefitting from LED illumination and the new glass optics for increased brightness.  Older versions were equipped with plastic optics so this is certainly an important improvement. 

Of course, of important note is the fact that this is not a traditional compound light microscope and so cannot offer you different image contrasting methods.

Digital Blue QX7 Features:

  • Lightweight at 2Lbs 
  • image resolution:  1280X1024 (SXGA)  
  • Magnification:  10x, 60x 200x  
  • LED light source 
  • Options for lighting top, bottom, or both sides of the object 
  • Glass optics instead of plastic as in earlier models 
  • USB port power 
  • Photo and video capture with high transfer speed via USB 2.0  
  • Support for Windows 7, Vista and XP operating systems (32bit/64bit) 
  • Mac OSX 10.4+ Support

Extra Package Contents:

  • QX7 Microscope base 
  • Quick User Start Guide 
  • USB Cable 
  • Software CD 
  • 5 Sample Slides 
  • 7 Blank Slides


At the time of this writing, the Digital Blue QX7 microscope comes equipped with the same software as is included with the QX5 model. 

The company promises that the new generation software for the QX7 will be released in the fall of 2013 offering a more user friendly and modern interface and additional enhancements.  We expect that the new QX7 software once released shall be a free download. 

The application only runs in low resolution full screen mode.Therefore, the maximum resolution displayed is 800 X 600 even though the sensor can output 1280 X 1024.  However, your images will display crisper if your screenshots are not blown up to the extreme. 

One detected problem within the QX5 software is with the light controls. It is necessary to cycle through available sources. Once the QX7 software is released this should be rectified.


Within Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, the Digital Blue QX7 microscope is detected as a USB 2.0 camera utilizing the built-in operating system driver. 

The trick in installation is a simple one.  Attach the QX7 microscope to your computer to enable the built-in driver to be installed.  This will allow for the microscope's detection.  Once installed all will be configured with the software.

A Known Bug

Video recording automatically starts within the Windows XP operating system and can be bypassed by simply pressing the recording button to stop recording.  Your microscope function should then work normally

However, when restarting the application the bug will resurface again.

Digital Blue will not be fixing this bug so if you are using Windows XP you will have to get accustomed to this minor irritation.

The Digital Blue QX7 Microscope is a nice addition to your classroom or a great help in your hobby.  A worthwhile investment.  

Viewing insects, plants, mineral, rocks and other interior/exterior objects opens up the possibility for exciting adventures in microscopy.  

Digital Blue offers many great products for kids that make ideal gifts but adults are not disappointed by lack of performance.

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