Digital Microscope Camera Adapter

Purchase Options, Installation and Cost

The digital microscope camera adapter can be used to enhance images observed and allow them to be viewed on a monitor, sent to a computer for storage or printing and sent live to remote computers or monitors in other locations.

Eyepiece Adapters

Eyepiece adapters can be purchased for a specific brand of microscope and universal adapters are also available that will fit most microscopes.

Usually a digital camera adapter comes with an assortment of connecting rings allowing for different sized tubes to be fitted to the eyepiece camera.

Digital microscope eyepieces are available with built in focusing mechanisms, video USB cameras and enhanced image magnification.


The digital microscope camera adapter allows users to change the type of digital camera used, change the way images are saved or sent, provide time lapse photography of images plus allow video photography to be employed while viewing the specimen.

Microscope eyepieces that enhance, capture and reroute images come with easy to use computer software that provides quick and easy image capturing options.

Using camera eyepiece adapters allows more flexibility when sharing images for research, using specimen images for education and when designing virtual imaging programs and presentations.


Installing microscope camera adapters is easy and involves removing the existing eyepiece, placing the adapter into the tube or depending on the type of eyepiece adapter, putting the original eyepiece or mounting a digital camera on top of the adapter.

A few microscopes have an additional port that allows camera adapters to be placed in a different location without replacing or modifying the eyepiece and primary viewing tube.

Digital cameras that have a T-Ring can be placed directly onto most adapters and many eyepiece adapters are pre-threaded for C mount installation.

Eyepiece adapters are also available with sliding clamp style collars allowing for quick placement and removal of digital cameras.

Major Manufacturers

When looking to enhance a microscope’s imaging system consider choosing a digital microscope camera adapter for the type of digital camera that will be used.

Microscope adapters and connecting rings are easy to adapt unlike some digital cameras that can only be mounted on specific units.

  • Nikon 30 mm Digital Eyepiece adapter WFH 10X is designed to be used with Coolpix cameras with 28mm threads that can be used with any digital camera possessing this size threads, suitable for binocular microscopes and this adapter fits Nikon cameras models 800,900,950,990,995 and 4500.
  • The LM Digital Adapter is designed for the Olympus SZ series microscopes and performs best when using a digital SLR camera mounted in the phototube for more stable operation.
  • Available in C, B and F mount, Leica offers adapters that permit video cameras to be connected to a microscope as well as linking CCD camera images to a television, these include a two stage imaging adapter which helps to avoid ghost images from appearing.
  • Zeiss provides a wide range of eyepiece adapters for microscopes including specific adapters for specific digital cameras plus universal and thread mount specific eyepiece adapters providing image capture flexibility.

Adapter Costs

Connector mounts for digital camera eyepiece adapters can be purchased for less than $100 however these adapters do not provide image rerouting, image manipulation or contain camera or image storage options.

C-mount eyepiece adapters containing USB digital cameras can be purchased for under $300 while digital camera conversion kit prices start at $400 and contain multiple eyepiece and camera port adapters, PC and MAC software, and USB connecting cords. has adapters worth checking out.

Smartphone Adapters - Great!

Microscopy enthusiasts need to keep with the technology that is involving the smartphone today.  Smartphones can be mounted onto your microscope for clear image capture and for even shooting videos.  How great is that!?  

See MicroscopeMaster's write up on the Gosky Universal Smartphone Adapter Mount.

Installing a digital microscope camera adapter can enhance image saving capabilities, provide a wider range of instructional options as well as provide time lapse and video recording of specimens.

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