Gosky Universal Smartphone Adapter Mount 

A Cool Digital Camera Adapter for your Microscope

** Compatible with Binocular/Monocular Spotting Scope Telescopes and Microscopes

The Gosky Universal Smartphone Adapter Mount allows the user to hold a Smartphone on to the lens of either a telescope or a microscope to shoot videos or capture still images.

Basic Premise

Basically, the process involves lining up the rear camera of the phone with the lens of the telescope/microscope. This is recommended given that the rear camera of most smartphones has a far superior lens as compared to the front camera, and thus allows for images/videos with better quality.

Whether the user is either using a microscope, monocular or a telescope (all being cylindrical) the concept is the same, which means that some devices will not be more complicated to work with.

The system is composed of two main parts, which include:

  • The clamp for fitting the scope
  • The universal expandable cradle for the phone

The Gosky Universal Smartphone Adapter Mount has been specifically designed to allow users to capture images or shoot videos using a microscope or a telescope.

The universal cradle opens from 2.1 inches to 3.5 inches, which allows it to accommodate the majority of the smartphones in the market (iPhone Sony Samsung Moto Etc). This is an important feature of the device in that it doesn’t limit use to a few smartphones or require a specific smartphone for use.

It's mostly made of aluminum, however the cradle is made up of high strength plastic thereby firmly holding the phone in place. Although the cradle is made out of high strength plastic, the interface connecting the phone and the eyepiece have been covered with a soft material that helps protect both devices from scratches and ultimately any form of damage that may result from regular use.

Mounting Your Phone

While mounting the phone, users can either do it with the case on or off. While some users will find having the case on as bulky, and unnecessary, others will prefer it in that it can provide additional security to the phone.

For a majority of the smartphones, excluding Samsung, the volume buttons of the earphones/earbuds can be used as shutter buttons. Given that the earphone tends to be long and flexible, it is handier and better for use for shutter purposes as compared to pressing the button on the phone screen. With this feature, the user would be able to be hands-free with no shaking.


Some of the other important features include:


  • Adjustable clamping force. The phone clamping part is composed of an adjustable locking mechanism with a steel bolt.
  • The screen of the phone is protected by high density EVA pads.
  • Compact and Light Weight: 1.4"x3.2"x6.2"(LWH), 5.8oz.

While the Gosky Universal Smartphone Adapter Mount does indeed allow for users to take still images and shoot videos using a wide range of smartphones, it is advised that one uses a phone with advanced image stabilization software to obtain high quality images.

With the adapter, you will get more consistent results in the event that the phone has at least some advanced image stabilization software embedded.


The device is very practical and easy to use, which is a feature that a majority of users are interested in. The fact that it accommodates different types of phones is also a big advantage. For first time use, it may require some fine tuning for an accurate and stable distance to the monocular lens, which is very easy. However, once this is done, one can start taking pictures/shooting videos. 

With the iPhone in particular, users may find that the camera produces a fish-eyed image, this is in fact a slight spherical distortion around the images. While this may bother some users, it's important to note that it does not affect the actual quality of the image. The distortion is also as a result of the camera and not the eyepiece and for most part, is a very minor issue.

Overall, the Gosky Universal Smartphone Adapter Mount will allow users to have a great time shooting quality videos and capturing images either using microscopes or telescopes, which can even be printed and saved. A handy and easy to use device and a good purchase!

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