Zeiss Axio Scope A1 Microscope

For BrightField and Fluorescence Applications

The Zeiss Axio Scope A1 microscope was engineered for universities, research labs, industrial, and medical applications. It is a popular modular member of the Zeiss microscope family.

Besides teaching and medical research, industrial uses range from quality control and materials development to the geosciences including oil exploration.

A unique aspect of its design is that the upper and lower parts of the stand may be separated by 30mm and 60mm spacers up to a total distance of 110mm to allow large specimens to be examined directly under the objectives.

To gain more room for atypically sized objects the stage carrier can be lowered and the condenser carrier removed to accommodate objects up to 380mm in height.

Different upper, lower, and column combinations allows for 23 different configurations.

zeiss axioscope.A1 from corporate.zeiss.com

Image: Zeiss Axioscope.A1 from Corporate.zeiss.com

Microscopy Imaging Modules

The Zeiss Axioscope A1 can be used with reflected and transmitted light techniques such as Brightfield, darkfield, polarization, DIC, circular DIC, fluorescence, and phase contrast.

PlasDIC, a technique pioneered by Zeiss, may also be employed with this microscope. PlasDIC is a simpler and more cost effective technique than Nomarski imaging because it uses standard objectives and obviates the need for a lower compensation prism.

Fluorescence Imaging

Fluorescence imaging is becoming an essential tool of microscopy.

In recognition of this fact, with the Axio Scope A1 microscope the illumination source and reflector turret are easily and quickly changed for this method of imaging.

The light beam path on this scope was redesigned to minimize scattered light waves and improve contrast.

LED fluorescence can make this process even easier because the illuminator can hold up to four LEDs and whenever a new reflector module is placed in the light path the correct LED is automatically activated.

With separate color intensity controls, your LED settings remain constant as you switch between LEDs and the user can automatically make multichannel fluorescence images.

Digital Imaging

The Axio Scope A1 model of Zeiss microscopes can be used with most cameras traditionally used for photomicroscopy as well as all Zeiss Axio Cam cameras and interfaces with the Zeiss Axio Vision imaging software.

The Axio Vision software allows the user to record, process, analyze, and store images. An intuitive system, functions of this software are easily customized by the user to meet his specific needs.

Zeiss Innovations

Other innovations that separate the Zeiss Axio Scope A1 microscope from the other premier research microscopes includes:

  • Ergonomic controls – Left or right-handed controls allow the user to adjust illumination intensity and focus simultaneously. The tube will also adjust 50mm in height to allow different viewer to maximize their viewing comfort.
  • Redesigned epiplan objectives – Five series of objectives are available: A-Plan, N-Achroplan, EC Plan-neofluar, Plan-apochromat, and fluar. Achromatically corrected, the standard objectives can also be used for differential phase contrast with circular polarized light.
  • Illumination sources – This model will accept various types of bulbs to meet differing viewing needs including a 100 watt halogen for the bright light requirements of differential interference contrast. Light bulbs can be adjusted in the x, y and z axis to achieve the best possible illumination.
  • Configurable light beam path – This scope has a six position filter wheel with integrated shutters which can be used in conjunction with a separate filter slide.

All of the innovations and features of the Zeiss Axio Scope A1 model are designed to afford the user of this scope maximum functionality and ease of use. This frame is an excellent choice for high end research in the bio-medical area.

Zeiss' reputation is for quality and also for high prices so do your homework but by doing so you may be surprised by the amount you can save. Good luck! 

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