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Manufacturer of Leica Stereo Microscopes, Leica Microsystems, established in 1997, is a global designer and market leader of optical systems and microstructures for use in industrial, medical and Life sciences. 

Leica Microsystems is a successor of the Ernst Leitz GmbH, founded in 1869.

Leica M60 Stereo MicroscopeLeica M60 Stereo Microscope from

Presently, the company has its headquarters in Wetzlar, Germany with bases in over 100 countries. Their manufacturing facilities are in eight countries and sales organizations in 19 countries.

Leica Camera AG Solms, Germany; Leica Microsystems GmbH Wetzlar, Germany and Leica Geosystems AG Heerbrugg, Switzerland shares the ‘Leica’ brand name.

The design of Leica microscopes makes it specific for industrial research and education purposes.

Precision, safety, accuracy and reliability are the terms denoting the quality and use of Leica Microsystems products. They offer ultra convenient operation and exceptional optical features.

To make their microscopes work better, they pride themselves on ergonomics so as to adapt to user requirements.

Each ergonomic program enables the users to match their Leica with their working strategy and individual size.

Leica Stereo Models

We have compiled an outline of specific model features so that you can understand what is offered in a Leica Stereo microscope. The prices are competitive for the market and may be obtained by calling your local Leica dealer.

Leica M50

  • Replicates sample analysis and documentation
  • Allows the user to configure the microscope based on application needs
  • Enables large field of view for clarity
  • Has 5 pre-defined magnification for sampling
  • Offers user comfort and convenience with easy height adjustment

Leica M60

  • Has a large range of accessories such as Leica LED3000 ring light
  • Mountable focus arm for saving space
  • Enables sampling repetition and inspection at a specific zoom position
  • 20% increase in viewing area
  • Requires little space; it is a “modular product range”

Leica M80

  • Improved resolution with ESD design
  • Replicates photography or measurements of organ tissues, plant tissues and circuit boards
  • Has a 8:1 zoom range with standard magnification of 7.5x – 60x
  • Offers a large field of view for better sampling
  • Easy height adjustment for user convenience

The MZ series has top of the line optics -

The MZ16 microscope with the apochromatic objective lens is incredible. The MZ16 provides a magnification range that extends further into the capability of a compound light microscope while providing ample working distances.

Leica MZ16 Stereo microscopeLeica MZ16 from

Of course, your focus needs to be on your purpose and applications when choosing one stereo microscope over the other. We suggest that you opt for the apochromatic objectives despite the large increase in cost. There are noticeable differences that become more apparent with extended use.

Leica MZ16 -

  • Basic magnification range is 7.1x to 115x with a 10x eye piece
  • A CMO, common main objective system for infinity-correction which allows full modularity
  • built-in Iris diaphragm
  • Maximum stereo resolution of 1.19ì (840lp/mm)
  • Available PlanApo 2x objective (NA = 0.282) – Greatest magnification stereo objective with apochromatic correction
  • Ergonomically designed and customized for the comfort of users
  • For polarization and better ease of use, specialty stages are available
  • The option of a reversible drawing tube for either left- or right-handed users
  • Most accessories for user customization

In comparison, this is a good stereo (better than older Wilds) but has been found to display a lower resolution than the Olympus SZX16 and Zeiss Discovery models. When working with and manipulating microelectronics or compound semiconductors you need to keep this comparison in mind.

A great stereo microscope maker, Wild, has been acquired under the Leica brand together with American Optical (A.O) and Bausch and Lomb.

Wild has a history of producing the best stereos known for their rugged construction. Their used M5 Stereo microscopes are still in demand today.

Leica Stereo Advantages

Leica Stereo Microscopes offer top-level operational convenience and error-free analysis of image material.

Its main feature is its adaptability according to the needs and routines of the user.

Their basis of product development is the demands made by the users, which the company collects on a regular basis through research and surveys.

Since microscopic work is strenuous and time consuming, the Leica makes all its product series ergonomic. This not only enhances its productivity but also allows the uses a fatigue-free work environment.

Every user can optimize their Leica stereo microscope according to their work style. This is a major bonus.

Leica Competition

The other manufacturers of stereo microscopes include Zeiss, Nikon and Olympus, each with their own applications, advantages and disadvantages.

With their emphasis on ergonomics and customer focus as well as error-free analysis, Leica stereo microscopes have a product line that is a solid combination of new and innovative products from the global merging of several well known companies now under one brand. 

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