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MicroscopeMaster selects a range of microscope accessories and provides articles outlining what is suitable and needed for students, hobbyists as well as laboratories. Simply click on the relevant link and read about the techniques and knowledge you need to successfully work with your microscope.

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Amazon is a great e-store that offers a variety of accessories and tools to give you the best use of your microscope with a selection of choices from a variety of manufacturers.  

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    Apr 11, 18 05:30 PM

    Heterotrophs are organisms that obtain their energy (nutrition) from organic compounds/materials. In other words, heterotrophs are organisms that are unable to produce their own food (like autotrophs…

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  2. Coliform - Types, Characteristics, Tests, Techniques and Microscopy

    Apr 11, 18 03:40 PM

    Coliform refers to a wide variety of bacteria that can be found throughout the environment. This means that these organisms can be found in soil, water surfaces, vegetations as well as on the skin or…

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  3. Magnetic Force Microscopy MFM - Procedure, Techniques and Applications

    Apr 02, 18 12:08 PM

    Essentially, magnetic force microscopy (MFM) is a variant Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) typically used for scanning and studying surfaces with magnetic properties.

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